The B&R Tuesday Skim

Is Benghazi Becoming a Watergate, or Iran-Contra, or Both?
Hillary Clinton — culpable for Benghazi from beginning to end
For someone as clearly in the crosshairs now as she is, Hillary sure has been low-key as of late. What does that tell ya?

Dems Launch Preemptive Strikes on Benghazi Hearing
Kinda wish the administration would take on our enemies as quickly as they take on Republicans
Readying New Syria Push, Obama Sends Kerry to Moscow
That’s reassuring
Lauryn Hill sentenced to 3 months in prison for failing to file taxes
The rules DO apply to them as well
Survivor believes limo driver could have done more
A tough call
General’s promotion blocked over her dismissal of sex-assault verdict
Time to clean up the shenanigans on the officer level
Fleeing Communism only to find it in America
There are blatant similarities in Obama’s America
Report: Legalizing illegal immigrants to cost $6.3 trillion
If they’re such a benefit to society, why do we have to pay for the privilege?
Justice Department to monitor South Carolina congressional election
Anyone want to guess what they’re looking for?
Ayers Defends Weather Underground Bombing Campaign, Says He´s Not Like Boston Bombers
True. More people died during his activities than in Boston
Pediatric PR: Sebelius tells pediatricians to promote ‘Obamacare’
Sounds like things aren’t going according to plan
Vindicated: Charges Of A Benghazi Cover-Up No Longer ‘Fox-Induced Hysteria’
Yes, but will Benghazi get as much attention as the Jodi Arias trial has on CNN? As of now, no
Salon: Benghazi ‘Big Scandal,’ Whistleblowers ‘Credible’
Translation: These are going to be tough people to smear
Muslim dollGreeting card portrays child’s Muslim doll as terrorist
If you don’t like it, stop blowing shit up!
Senate Passes Internet Sales Tax
They don’t make anything, yet demand their cut. Who does this sound like?
Pentagon directly accuses Chinese military of launching cyberattacks on U.S.
I wonder what their response will be?
Senate skips details in rush to pass immigration bill
They should all be fired
Obama Blames U.S., Repeats 90% Gun Lie In Mexico
While he’s personally popular, this is why I really dislike that man
California Group Mails Condoms to 12-Year-Olds
Liberals in-your-face going too far
Sports and Religion ‘Last Closets in America’ In Gay Rights Movement, NFL Players Say
They sure got Ayanbadejo’s mind right
The Biggest Threat Of Government Tyranny Says There Is None
That says a lot

3 Responses

  1. Igor

    Cankles braying about “What does it matter?!” to the Great Unwashed Masses. How far we have fallen!

    Armchair quarterbacking the Limo driver sure is easy – what would YOU have done, ya twits?

    Sebelius trying to force Odumbocare in spite of a little detail called The Real World…

    While the “Islamic terrorist” Greeting Card is tacky, I’d like to see one with Achmed the Dead Terrorist on it instead. Then I’d buy one!

    Good Ol’ Boy Senate, full of weasels, incompetents, thiefs, and liars (sorry for repeating myself…) – always trying to separate the Great Unwashed Masses from their money. “Legally”. I sure hope the House tells ’em to go pound sand.

    Speaking of the Senate… skipping the “details” of the “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform bill… where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, *cough* Obambicare *cough*. Another train wreck brought to you by… aaaaah, skip it, you know the rest of the broken record.

    Ogabe saying there’s no tyranny in the Gubmint is like saying the sun isn’t hot. Who knew?!?!

  2. n.n

    America’s turn to the left is worse than the Soviet’s communism. The Left in America is corrupt. They have exploited differentials (e.g. class) and gradients (e.g. “skin color”), as well as promoted short-term solutions for the long-term (e.g. abortion, welfare), which have corrupted not only the head, but also the tail, and progressively the body. The Left’s solutions create dissociation of risk which sponsors corruption of the most opportunistic and vulnerable in our society. Obama has merely accelerated our dysfunctional convergence.

    The Justice Department under Eric Holder has actively intervened to disenfranchise Americans. The Democrats seem to favor selective civil rights and a fantasy/dead/illegal constituency.

    Pediatric PR: Sebelius tells pediatricians to promote ‘Obamacare’

    Perception matters. Perhaps more than reality. The Federal government is running an anti-bully campaign.

    Neither Benghazi, nor the unprecedented genocide, albeit elective, which was revealed in graphic detail with the exposure of Gosnell. The Left offers short-term solutions to long-term problems, which ignore the causes and exacerbates the long-term consequences.

    They provide condoms in order to encourage sexual relations. They normalized abortion in order to encourage sexual relations. It’s not that women and men, or girls and boys, are not capable of self-moderating, responsible behavior, but that encouraging dysfunctional behaviors provides an opportunity for exploitation. The Left has demonstrated a pattern of opportunistic behavior here. They promote or normalize dysfunctional behaviors and exploit the ensuing corruption.

    The homosexual activists, and their heterosexual patrons, demonstrate a unique sanctimonious hypocrisy. The issue is equal protection, but they do not support universal equality for all unions irrespective of forms and kinds, numbers and combinations. In any case, either they do not understand the terms and circumstances of reality, or they have found the principles of evolution to be inconvenient, and reject them when it does not favor their interests (e.g. elective abortion).

  3. Tallyman

    Honest Barack’s “Used cars and Presidency Dealership” guarantees everything. Would honest Barack lie to you? For the ladies, Barack’s saleslady, Deserving Hillary, will treat you like her Bill would.

    The tyrant wannabe says trust in him about tyranny.

    Tell the babies, Barack loves and cares for them.

    Barack dispatched Kerry to Moscow with Barack’s well worn copy of “How to Kowtow for Dummies.”

    What is the value added for our $6.3 trillion paid for illegals?


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