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You heard it here first!

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  1. n.n

    In the age of Progressive Corruption, it requires extraordinary courage to publicly affirm the terms and circumstances of reality. I hope Jackson understands that affirming the principles of evolution (not the “theory” of evolution) may cause him to be shunned in company that seeks to normalize dysfunctional behaviors for their profit and convenience.

    Worst of all, Obama may not like him for revealing the inviolable truth of the natural order. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Obama condemn him for “acting stupidly”.

    Well, good luck, Jackson, Joseph, and other clear-minded people. Remember, the principles of evolution, and, in particular, the principle of fitness, does not apply to a species as a whole. Ignore and deny the people who offer you an opportunity to choose the “final solution.” They have ulterior motives, which do not include the welfare or life of you and your progeny.

    Choose normal. Choose life.

  2. Tabcola

    Thank you Kevin for being so brave! Thank you Dan for sharing this IMPORTANT news story. You two have given me the courage to “come out”. I am now not scared to say I join Kevin’s cause. I too am not gay.

  3. RightSide

    I just wish I had the guts to come out as “Not Gay”, myself. Brave, brave man!

  4. koala

    I hope the pResident will call and give Kevin his support!


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