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If you can blow this off, you have something to hide.

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  1. GoodMojo1

    If what remains of the GOP doesn’t force John Boehner to borrow, buy, or rent some balls… It might be time to seriously think third party. I don’t easily come to this.

    If we had a functioning GOP in this generation, we would likely never have suffered BHO. (No Dole, no McCain, no Romney, and maybe no Bubba Clinton)

    If we had a functioning GOP, the GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives, would have already begun a “Select House Committee on the Benghazi Terror Attack”, on the heels of a House Select Committee on the ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Walking Program. Subpoena’s would have been issued, and everyone who testified would be under oath, with full exposure to penalties of perjury under the law.

    The President of the United States of America cannot be compelled to testify in front of Congress, but Hillary ain’t president yet. (God forbid.)

    The above mentioned political monsters seem to be working in concert. By failing to hold Obama and Clinton accountable for their gross corruption,They (Boehner and the GOP) are granting the Leftists “Virtual Absolute Power”. Under these conditions, do we expect “Chairman” Obama,, or ‘”Ma”haraja’ Clinton to become more corrupt? Or, less?

  2. Tyler Anthony Romano

    The real cost of expanding government isn’t just money, it also includes our rights. So much for Democrats standing up for freedom of speech.

  3. n.n

    Both Obama and Clinton are pro-abortion/choice. Both believe that they should not be punished by inconvenient lives, unless they can be exploited for sex, taxation, or democratic leverage.

    If we are ever disposable, then we are always interchangeable.

    If we are ever interchangeable, then we are always disposable.

    Denigrating individual dignity and devaluing human life has consequences. Obama and Clinton need to reevaluate their philosophy of death.

    • VK Tabbert

      We are disposable now with the new death panels we are getting with Obamacare and abortions on demand.

      • n.n

        In the case of Obamacare, the issue is finitely available and accessible resources, both natural and human. Obamacare does not address the causes of unaffordable health care. It merely increases revenue to sustain an illusion that we are capable of exceeding the boundaries of reality. In particular, it does not address the causes of progressive inflation.

        In the case of elective abortions, they were normalized in order to address a problem: overpopulation, and specifically an unwanted population. This was not about exceeding the carrying capacity of the natural and social environment (e.g. through converged migration and immigration), but about women, and men, who are either unwilling or incapable of self-moderating, responsible behavior. By definition, we are only eligible to enjoy liberty in isolation or with others when we are capable of that class of behavior.

        From conception to grave, we are a coherent assembly of cells. From consciousness to grave, we are capable of asserting a causative force on our environment. Before and after, we are disassembled by the forces of entropy. While throughout, we are subject to abortions at the hands of other forces, including the generic “people” and mothers. In a civilized society, we are able to resist our oppressors with our voice and Arms, and through societal intervention. From conception to birth, we have uniquely limited means to resist our oppressors, and by virtue of normalizing abortion, our society has determined that our lives have only selective value, typically when it can be exploited for sex, taxation, and democratic leverage.

        The issue is equal protection, and a slight majority of our population supports selective enforcement in exchange for promises to fulfill dreams of material, physical, and ego instant (or immediate) gratification (e.g. redistributive change), which cannot be reasonably realized without consequences.

  4. Tallyman

    “If the facts are on your side, Dershowitz says, pound the facts into the table. If the law is on your side, pound the law into the table. If neither the facts nor the law are on your side, pound the table.” Barack hide behind the pants-suit of his lawyer, Cankles, pounding the table (The witch learned at Law School).

    The facts are: 1. Barack is commander-in-chief. 2. No lower officer would fail to pass up the responsibility for such a military action 3. The ambassador was on some mission or personal affair without protection. 4. Barack had proclaimed that Al-Qaeda was “decimated” and Ben Laden killed. 5. The possibility of a trap by Al-Querida was a very rational conjecture. 6. Barack issued the stand down order.
    The possibilities: 1. Barack feared additional loss of American lives. 2. Barack knew or was informed that Stevens was on a gay escapade which would damage his effectiveness with Libyan Muslims. (Dead men don’t tell tales) 3. Stevens was negotiating an arms transfer to Al-Qaeda (Gun running deal gone bad) and Barack feared exposing it.
    Bottom line: The buck was passed to Barack and Barack cancelled it. Cankles wouldn’t take the fall. Was it, honor among vermin or only fear of mutual destruction?

  5. Tim Beaman

    I heard on talk radio this morning a clip of DC congressperson Horton state “whats the big deal?” Stated on MSDNC. Well of course to them a death is no big deal, their party believes it is ok to abort a life. Some even think it should be allowed up to the first two years (yeah sick minds). So to them the fact that people defending us are being attacked is no big deal. The fact that the body of an ambassador was defiled is no big deal.
    To us with morals understand that life is important. That if a decent person was in charge they would have done all they could to try to save as many as they could, even if that would be only one. Then at the minimum try to get the bodies of the dead before they would be treated like the they were by the religion of piece (yeah spelled right, they want to cut us into pieces not have peace).
    Also for Hilary, “What is the difference?” Well for a person that wants to be a president maybe they fact that you care enough of the people below you that you would try to save as many as you could, but instead to save your precious power you make up a lie to cover up that you did not care about the people who care about our freedoms.
    That is what the difference it would have made.

  6. koala

    Where’s the petition to impeach the perpetraitor? [Deliberate spelling]

  7. Igor

    It won’t be “blown off”, Bob, it will be scrupulously ignored for as long as possible, giving as much time as possible for the scurrying rats to obfuscate, deny, delay, or “squirrel!” what really happened, how-when-where. I’d bet you on it, but as my Dad used to say, “It’s not betting when it’s a sure thing!”. Unfortunately.


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