Roxbury Community College: Boneheads Of The Day

Flashback: Patrick appoints new chairman of Roxbury Community College board
New Roxbury Community College chairman is opposed because of his skin color
If you look at any minority community in this country (or even this country now as a whole under this president), it’s clear activists don’t run things well. If this is the direction hyper-sensitive blacks wish to go in, fine. Don’t expect sympathy as the pattern continues, especially as they perform the same discrimination they scream at others about.

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  1. Tallyman

    Note to the racists at Friends of Roxbury: Deval has lost confidence in his fellow incompetent Black Progressives. In desperation, Deval sought help for your failures in a White man. Someone read to Deval from MLK, “judge a man not by the color of his skin.” Perhaps, all you, Friends, need to ponder MLK’s words, or rename your association as Racists of Roxbury.


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