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obey-obamaThe stunning decline of Barack Obama: 2013

The Obama White House is routinely disdainful of criticism, sneeringly dismissive of Congressional opposition, nasty and brutish towards dissenting voices in the media, and completely lacking in humility. At the same time the Obama presidency exudes a shameless “let them eat cake” mentality, abundantly on display with the president’s lavish vacations and golfing expeditions while millions of American families have struggled to pay their mortgage and stay afloat against the backdrop in recent years of the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Despots usually lash out when they know their end is near….

Prism-001Apple, Google Deny Giving NSA ‘Back Door’ Access To Systems, Claim ‘Never Heard Of PRISM’
Whose word do we take on this one?
US Declassifies Phone Program Details After Uproar
And if we didn’t know…
The New York Times Altered Its Obama Criticism for ‘Clarity’
Someone got a nasty phone call
Misfired 2010 email alerted IRS officials in Washington of targeting
Government fuck ups get ’em every time
California city seeks to collect $8,000 from homeowners over Obama fundraising visit
Are they really surprised?
100-day bus tour for Bloomberg gun group
Getting people’s minds right takes some effort
Mark Levin On NSA Tracking: “We Have The Elements Of A Police State Here”
Sources: NSA sucks in data from 50 companies
So much for foreign intelligence gathering
Bolivian villagers bury suspected killer alive
Let’s hope they got the right guy. We do know mistakes are made
Good news: Government’s recording your conversations on the bus too
They can never go too far
White House: Obama ‘Welcomes a Discussion of Tradeoffs Between Security and Civil Liberties’
Whenever THEY get busted, it becomes a teachable moment for us
Is Big Data Turning Government Into ‘Big Brother’?
The AP still asking stupid questions
California state senator is targeted in FBI searches
Major uproar coming as we’re talking about a Latino Democrat
Public Is Skeptical of Obama on IRS Scandal
You can’t be the smartest president ever and continue to not know shit
Judge rules witnesses in George Zimmerman trial must testify publicly
Telling the truth will ruin more lives
Dems: Obama admin spying ‘un-American,”alarming’
It’s Friday. We’ll see what juicy tidbits the admin dumps they hope will die off by Monday
White House, Dems seethe at House GOP attack on ‘Dreamers’
Dreamers should have a problem with their parents’ actions, not the law they intentionally broke
Samantha Power and the UN are a perfect match
10 Reasons Why She’s the Most Dangerous Woman in the World
I don’t think this is an exaggeration
Did Michelle Obama heckler use coded racial words? Or not?
Funny how it’s given some thought when issued by a leftist
Report: IRS Lawyer Who Oversaw Tea-Party Targeting Said to Be Retiring
Time to lay low
Hilarious Montage Shows ‘Passive-Aggressive’ TV Weather Girl And Anchor Clearly Despise Each Other
Unless one of them winds up face down in an alley, I think they’re buds having a good time messing with each other on-air

5 Responses

  1. GoodMojo1

    “Stunning decline”:: When the whole world discovers you were always the wrong guy. Pathologically dishonest,conceited beyond measure, rude, vile, boorish, etc

    Who to believe? I suspect the administration strong armed the companies into compliance: “Comply, or we’ll drive some regulations up yo’ ass!”
    Fascism: Private ownership government control. The advantage to the fascist: When shit goes bad, you can always blame the owners.

    Samantha Power strikes me as an ideological “bunny cooker” (Ala, “Fatal Attraction”)

    Retiring IRS lawyer: When will he be served the subpoena he so richly deserves?

  2. Tallyman

    America, was the land of opportunity for terrorists and potheads. The terrorists have won big. Big Bro, a former village pothead, rules America with his addled brain. Big Perdue provides security from foxes for his chickens.

    You were never alone as you walked that lonely internet beach. Big Bro and his running dogs, Google, Apple and the others followed, protecting your every step. If you fell, they recorded it.

    Public trials are passe. Big Bro is omniscient.

    • Igor

      Omnipotent? Perhaps – they’re working on it.
      Omniscient? Not hardly. See: NSA monitoring.


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