They’re Paying Way Too Much At MSNBC

Chris Hayes apologizes for George Wallace party label
Now you know why I posted the Democrat Race Lie. For ignoramuses like Chris Hayes

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  1. Palmetto

    OK, so he tweeted an apology. Means nothing as those who are dumb enough to be watching his show swallowed that Wallace was a Republican just by the vitriol in his voice. Am I to believe he still thinks Wallace is a villain? Not unless his apology is on his show AND the story is run exactly as it did with the R replaced with a D.

  2. Tallyman

    Chris was trained by government unionized teachers and crazed college professors who instructed a false history to advance their false gods. What is truth for them? Whatever moves “forward” their delusions. Chris has no cognative response, only an emote. Wallace=bad. Republican=bad. Ergo, Chris emotes, Wallace=Republican. Later his Masters instruct Chris to apologize and the programed drone obeys.

  3. Igor

    Bob, even if he read your Democrat Race Lie article it wouldn’t change anything. Chris has a severe Cognitive Dissonance problem, and won’t be able to “internalize” the points you make. (I *hate* that word, “internalize”)
    Ignorance can be fixed, stoopid is forever. Chris is Stoopid (capital S).


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