The B&R Tuesday Skim

Obama’s Soft Totalitarianism: Europe Must Protect Itself from America
G20 summits: Russia and Turkey react with fury to spying revelations
North Korea says surveillance leaks prove U.S. is ‘kingpin’ of rights abuse
Obama’s a goldmine when it comes to flashbacks

Massive San Antonio NSA Data Center Raises Eyebrows
Makes you wonder how many more are in the pipeline?
Political appointees helped bin Laden filmmakers over objections of career officials at Pentagon
Operation: Hollywood Cash Suck Up
FBI names former USC professor to list of most wanted fugitives
Academia sure do loves kids
Harassment and Intimidation: The Goals of Obama’s Information Dragnet
DHS hopes to get same cyber-spying powers as NSA
I’ll bet they do
MSNBC Panel Suggests Racist Motivation by Pro-lifers, Goal of ‘Reproducing Whiteness’
Melittha Harrith Perry’th lateth outburtht
Edward Snowden Is In The Process Of Destroying Any Support And Sympathy He Has Built Up
Destruction is his main objective
Santorum’s Quiet 2016 Campaign
Not again…

Uncovered: ‘Obama Phones’ Sold to Buy Drugs and Louis Vuittons
Shows what those phones (like their namesake) are really worth

Left Loses Big in Citizenship-Verification Supreme Court Case
I never looked at it that way
7-Eleven Stores Operated ‘Modern Day Plantation System,’ Feds Claim
Jeez, unlike slaves, NO ONE is forced to work there
Obama assassination bid fears – aircraft carriers on standby off Irish coast during G8 summit
To do what?
Obama on NSA programs: Americans “not getting the complete story”
Enlighten us anytime and then we’ll decide if you can be believed (this time)
President-Elect of Iran Talks of Easing Tensions With U.S.
Yes, but what do they really want?
N.J. lawmakers advance bill granting in-state tuition for students in country illegally
I still want to know why I’m supposed to feel like I owe these students?
GM Recalls SUVs That Can Catch Fire While Parked
Good idea
Slaton police arrest woman after request to see warrant
Power trippin’ police state
Transgender candidate could become a first in NYC
Legitimizing the freak show
‘Straight’ Men Should Be Banned From Driving, Says WH Petition
Is that all they got?

One Response

  1. Tallyman

    Bloomturd was the first NYC trans going from a little demi-man to reveal his inner big nanny old hag.

    Did the aircraft carriers alleviate Barack’s paranoia? Is he doubting his messiahhood?

    Full media diversion with ad hominem attacks on Snowden to avoid the facts revealed.

    Big Bro, all the government and its police love their sheeple. Complete records are being kept of their every bleat for their own good. Who monitors Big Bro?

    They grow cotton at 7-11?

    Barack was lying then and he’s lying now.


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