Work-Related Of The Day

A good night.

  • MrSaturn

    This was at George Mason U right? If George could see this now he’d probably have an aneurism. Seriously these little dumb asses who hate the bill of rights, go to a school named after one of its biggest proponents.

    Good grief these people are stupid.

  • GoodMojo1

    Universities = “Playgrounds for the clueless.”

    • Igor

      At taxpayer expense.

  • Igor

    11 out of 16? I’m surprised it’s so LOW. Only 11? The indoctrination must not be working well!

    Who’s this Jon Stewart guy, anyway?? ;P

    Job well done, Bob! I’m amazed the boobs at Fox News carried this – I’ve seen them throwing more and more conservatives under the bus lately…

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