But My Only Question Is…

We were told before (and I assume we “paid” for it then) there’d be a border fence, so why are we being proposed one again? Sorry, but why should I believe them this time?

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  1. cmjcexsquid

    Come on! Recognize what this bill is all about. It is a jobs program designed to hire lots of new federal employees that will be unionized and support their massas and it is a huge Pork project that will have massive cost overruns.

    No laws should be passed that also include spending provisions. All new spending bills should include new tax provisions so that everyone has an opportunity to understand the personal costs.

  2. n.n

    I think the message has been sent successfully. Run, don’t walk, to America for amnesty and other incentives offered to non-Americans in order to increase democratic leverage.

    Does anyone wonder why they are leaving those wonderful nations in Central and South America by the millions, annually?

    I wonder if Obama intends to address the causes. He didn’t with Obamacare. Perhaps Obama does not care.

  3. GoodMojo1

    To Marco Rubio: Just say, “No!”
    To Jeb Bush: Just say. “Hell No!”

  4. GoodMojo1

    Fool me many, many times! That makes me an imbecile!

    The GM Immigration Plan: The Broad Strokes:

    1) Build this (Pictured), or a stronger (I have my own design), fortified barrier for the entire 1,969 miles of the US – Mexico border.

    2) Maximize E-Verify. Penalize employers of illegal workers with large, escalating fines and prison time.

    3) Cease social services at all levels of government. Position the issue so that private charities can best serve those in need of their help by arranging passage back to their home countries. After 180 days, anyone caught in the country illegally will face imprisonment, and/or deportation, and disqualification from ever pursuing legal status in the US.

    4) Until these measures have been operational and proven effective for 36 consecutive months, don’t even breathe a word about other “pathways to citizenship”, or anything else.

    5) Begin mass deportation of all of all incarcerated, non-citizen felons, starting with the most violent, and those who have served 85%, or more of their sentences, then descending down those scales ( or something like this.).

    6) Set up a “guest worker program” with tight controls. Workers will apply in their home lands, to be matched with US employers. They will register, complete with biometrics, as guest workers at an office in their home country. Their identity and status will be verified at the border, before they are cleared for entry. 75% of their pay will be deposited in an account only accessible in person, in their home country. 25% of their pay will be distributed via check card. No cash. Employers will be responsible for tracking work attendance, and for reporting any unexplained or extended absences. Quarterly appointments with ICE might apply. Exploitation of these workers, in any way, by anyone will result in harsh punishment.

    • Igor

      GM, how can you be filled with such hate, denying the struggle of those poor, huddled masses yearning to be free!?! How can you dash their dreams of coming to such a rich country, one that doesn’t require you to speak a word of English, and yet are willing to support you AND your family just waiting across the border, and one that grants your children the magnificent status of citizenship if they are birthed in that wonderful country! How DARE you deny all that is right and good, you selfish evil bastard?!?

      …I could go on but I feel my head starting to explode… *snerk*

      All marvelous ideas, GM, and they will NEVER be implemented by the current crop of self-serving kleptocrats in the swamp of DC (District of Crooks). Time for the fourth box?

  5. Tallyman

    Fool me once -shame on you. Fool me twice -shame on me. Could some dots be connected? Rubio is Hispanic. Jeb Bush’s wife is Hispanic. Karl Rove supports amnesty. Lindsay Graham claimed on Sunday Talk that amnesty would aid Repubs in electing Jeb Bush in 2016. Is this a Rove scheme rewarding Rubio as Jeb’s 2016 running mate and claiming the Hispanic vote would flock to the combined pro Hispanic ticket? Democrats have Bush derangement syndrome. Republicans ought have another Bush revulsion syndrome. It’s time to end these Rubio-Jeb Bush-Rove and other RINO fantasies.


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