The B&R Tuesday Skim

If Only Our Foreign Enemies Were Republicans
He sure talks like we’re the most evil people on the planet

Taliban suicide bombers attack presidential palace and CIA headquarters in Afghanistan
Great time to be pulling out and declaring the job done
Edward Snowden ‘has not entered Russia’
U.S. has no right to demand Snowden’s arrest in Russia: official
Chinese newspaper says Snowden took job at NSA to gain access to confidential data
U.S. officials don’t know how much secret material Snowden took
Pressure mounts on Obama as Snowden VANISHES: President under fire for letting NSA leaker slip through the net as U.S. asks Russia to hand him over
Obama’s Diplomatic Humiliation
The don’t-know-shit excuses keep coming from this administration
U.S. Civil Charges Against Corzine Are Seen as Near
Why do I feel he’ll find some way to get off scot-free…?
Why Hasn’t SCOTUS Sprung a Leak Yet?
We had a crew at SCOTUS yesterday to get reactions on the pending and there were only three protesters outside. Someone tipped off the usual suspects that nothing big was going to happen…
Cold war: U.S. tells Russia to give back Snowden, or else
Kerry warns Russia on Snowden: ‘Respect the relationship’
White House “trying to rein in” John Kerry?
Krauthammer’s Take: Nobody ‘Cares About What Obama Says’
All these “warnings” coming from the administration. Everyone knows Obama won’t do shit
Sarah Palin: Senate Is Trying to ‘Pelosi’ Through the ‘Amnesty’ Bill
Everyone who signs what they haven’t read should be voted out
Why The August Recess Should Scare Immigration Reform Backers
Constituents will be pissed and waiting for an opportunity to vent
Small Businessman Describes Obamacare Hardships
The new normal
White House launches website, enlist NFL as part of Obamacare blitz
California Schools to Train Kids to Sell ObamaCare
Why won’t they just leave us the fuck alone?
CNN Reports: IRS Also Targeted ‘Progressive’ Groups For Tax-Exempt Applications
Considering how long it took for this to come out, I’m not buying it
The Liberal Base Not Sold on Clinton
The Clinton-fatigue must be thick
Darrell Issa subpoenas four State Department officials for Benghazi information
Glad he’s still on the case
Imagine If He Were Tea Party: FBI Says Leader of 2006 Immigrant March in Dallas ‘Hit 19 Banks Since New Year’s Eve’
One can only imagine
CBO: New border amendment will reduce illegal immigration
Remember, the CBO can only give estimates based on info they’re given by politicians. Garbage in, garbage out
Pediatricians have a new mission: Fight ‘homophobia’
Choose your pediatrician carefully
Colorado rights case ruling favors transgender girl who wasn’t allowed to use girls’ bathroom
I doubt anyone asked the girls or their parents how they felt about it

8 Responses

  1. Ella Halligan

    I am trying to imagine some of the old-school pediatricians I work with trying to be more LGBTQ friendly. In fact, I am trying to imagine a couple of them even knowing what LGBTQ MEANS.

    The article says: “Doctors can signal their openness to LGBTQ youths by putting out
    brochures with pictures of “both same- and opposite-gender couples” or
    posting a “rainbow” decal on an office door or bulletin board.” How many “pediatricians” office brochures have pictures of ANY “couples”? It’s pictures of babies and toddlers, maybe some sports pictures for the annual sports physical information. Leaving aside the LGBTQ crap, why are they so hell-bent on hypersexualizing children???

    • Igor

      Because, let’s face it, they are Hell-bent on tearing down one of the most important pillars of a good society, the Family. And “Hell-bent” is the proper term to use here, because The Father of Lies is directly and indirectly responsible for this behavior in Men.

      (No, I’m not talking about Obambi – he’s just a Faithful Minion…)

  2. Ilion

    Sarah Palin: Senate Is Trying to ‘Pelosi’ Through the ‘Amnesty’ Bill
    Everyone who signs what they haven’t read should be voted out

    No, they should be executed.

    • Igor

      Oh, come now, give ’em a fair trial first, THEN hang ’em!

  3. eNeecie

    CNN Reports: IRS Also Targeted ‘Progressive’ Groups For Tax-Exempt Applications
    Considering how long it took for this to come out, I’m not buying it

    Well, don’t buy it because it looks like CNN’s story is misleading:

    “A November 2010 version of the list obtained by NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE, however, suggests that while the list did contain the word ‘progressive,’ screeners were in fact instructed to treat ‘progressive’ groups differently from ‘tea party’ groups. Whereas screeners were merely alerted that a designation of 501(c)(3) status ‘may not be appropriate’ for applications containing the word ’progressive’ – 501(c)(3) organizations are prohibited from conducting any political activities – they were told to send those of tea-party groups off IRS higher-ups for further scrutiny.

    That means the applications of progressive groups could be approved on the spot by line agents, while those of tea-party groups could not. Furthermore, the November 2010 list noted that tea-party cases were ‘currently being coordinated with EOT,’ which stands for Exempt Organizations Technical, a group of tax lawyers in Washington, D.C. Those of progressive groups were not.”

  4. cmjcexsquid

    Obamacare enrollment website? Can’t believe it will survive more than a few minutes without crashing… a wonderful foreboding for the entire mess. I plan on “shopping” on October 1.

  5. Tallyman

    Kerry and Barack will continue their tantrums until Putin obeys. Call Putin a racist. Change Kerry’s diaper. Get Barack another kool-aid pacifier. Have Moochelle tell those Chinese that they lost her respect. Thwarted and humiliated by a high school drop-out. And so much more to come.

    Obamacare’s Snake Oil offers only hope for fools.

    Corzine has a bought and paid for pay to play insurance policy.

    • Igor

      “Corzine has a bought and paid for pay to play insurance policy.”

      Most assuredly – his “buds” in the House and Senate, just as venal and corrupt as he is. Right, “Dingy” Harry?


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