Liberal Blacks Suck At Running Government

Call me “self-hating”, fine. I don’t give a shit as I’m making an observation here.

They call black conservatives “buffoons”. Sorry but none of us can come anywhere near topping Democrats like Maxine Waters, John and Monica Conyers, Gwen Moore, Sheila Jackson Lee, Dianne Wilkerson, Jesse Jackson Jr., Ray Nagin, Anita Bonds, Marion Barry, William Jefferson, Hank Johnson, Carol Moseley Braun, and feel free to add to the list.

People have perceptions about what this city is becoming… and they want this council to remain black, and if they don’t get out there and put black folks in there, there will be a white city council … That is a rough thing to say, but that is the truth.
George T. Johnson, head of AFSCME local 20

If you look at any major city (or country) run by blacks, there are a few things they all have in common: higher-than-average fiscal mismanagement and potential insolvency rates, higher-than-average failing schools, higher-than-average poverty, higher-than-average single parent households, higher-than-average abortion rates, higher-than-average crime and incarceration rates, and since they’re also one-party ruled, a case can be made that liberal black Democrats are much better at taking care of themselves and those around them than the people they’re supposed to be serving.

If the fact that not one district run by a black Democrat is anywhere near a national norm in any category, is it my fault for bringing it up or will there ever come a day when blacks (and the white-guilt liberals who make socioeconomic excuses for them) will elect competent politicians who will inspire, know how to count, not blame everything on racism, and not make promises they don’t intend on keeping?

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12 Responses

  1. NoPasaran

    I think all leftists fall into this trap, and there are some exception. Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter, for one – but in the pantheon of the left he is most definitely an exception to the trend.

    This is one case where I have no problem “blaming society” – bad politicians are only giving us what those that voted for them expect – they ARE who the failed social
    model made them into by way of public expectations.

    In short, we get the government that we deserve.

  2. VeryOldSoldier

    ‘Black’ has nothing to do with it. ALL liberals suck at running governments – at all levels…. They’re ‘thinkers and dreamers’ – NOT DOERS!

  3. Igor

    Sometimes your only lot in life is to serve as the Bad Example.

    However, only one or two should be the norm. Since ALL if them are perfect Bad Examples, ya gotta go with

    1) incompetence
    2) mindset, belief system, or training
    3) greed, power or money – makes no diff
    4) little to nonexistanct morality
    5) all of the above, and then some

    Now, there’s plenty of cities run by Whites that have the same problems, but, they too are run by progressives/liberals/modern democrats. This should tell observers something. It shouldn’t even be necessary to give a hint.

    BUt what do *I* know, I’m just an old fat White guy. My opinions and observations don’t count, sionce I believe in Guns, God, and the American Way…

    • n.n

      A philosophy, or religion, can promote but not guarantee an outcome.

      That said, it is always preferable to begin with the higher ground, be it moral, economic, etc.

      • Igor

        I really liked Stevie Wonder’s music (and then he got all whiny, PC, and liberal), and his “Higher Ground” (Talking Book album) song keeps running through my mind occasionally.

        After all, how can you pull somebody up to higher ground if you yourself are stuck even deeper in the mud? No, you have to MAKE it to Higher Ground, *then* help others. Having said that, there aren’t too many takers of the proffered hand.

    • GoodMojo1

      I find it amazing (sarc/) how often you and I (A middle-aged, fat, Black guy…) agree.
      Long live the, “Holy Rollers”, the “Gun Nuts”, and “Hyper-Patriotic Americans”! May we serve God, and operate as his tools to save this “Greatest of Nations”!

  4. BadMan84

    Affirmative action was racist to start with. It was against blacks and we co-sign it. Now look at what’s happened.

    • n.n

      It was a reasonable policy to address extraordinary issues; but, I will agree that it was processed in exactly the wrong way.

      • Igor

        Remember that “The road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions…”

        When evil/greedy/lazy people are put in charge, they’ve gotta sell a LOT of Snake Oil to keep their position. That, and OPM.

  5. n.n

    Exactly, Bob. It is necessary to look at what works and why, and what doesn’t work and why. I do not believe this is a black-specific issue, but a combination of dreams of instant (or immediate) gratification and entitlement, and a lack of accountability, is conclusively corrupting. The progressive model for reactive movements is inevitably a failure. There will never be a viable community developed from selective moral principles and a redistributive change (i.e. recycled) economic model.

    It is competing interests which keep honest people honest and others from running amuck. There is a reason why monopolies, especially authoritarian monopolies, are universally considered a threat. At least until promises to fulfill dreams of material, physical, and ego gratification are made, then people conveniently take leave of their senses, and reason, and forget the lessons of history.

    It is also notable that denigrating individual dignity, devaluing human life, and a selective rule of law has immediate and progressive consequences.

    • Igor

      Remember what Franklin said about it, n.n:

      The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty–– Benjamin Franklin

      That’s what the Liberals in their fuzzy-headed thinking are trying to circumvent. Note that Franklin said “uncomfortable”, and NOT “miserable”.

      Makes you wonder how we as a Nation survived the Great Depression, doesn’t it?!?

  6. Tallyman

    Their only skill is hawking the Liberal Democrat snake oil and getting their cut first. They give hope to the hopelessly dependent. It’s the parasites devouring or driving off their hosts. The Black Liberal at best uses a failed model. They prove Thatcher’s point of “running out of other people’s money.” The Black Liberal fiefdoms replaced the White plantation masters who at least earned a profit to care for the slaves with new Black masters who neither produce nor earn anything, but misery. Things are about to get worse with the bond sell-off and rising local interest rates. Bernanke’s free lunch counter wasn’t free.


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