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So much for lecturing US about hate…

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  1. dwpittelli

    I’m somewhat surprised that sucker-punching someone from behind because you don’t like his message is only a misdemeanor.

    • Igor

      He CAN, and *should*, take this hate-filled clown to civil court. We’ll see how much that sucker-punch will cost him…

  2. NRPax

    Now that I think about it, I can’t imagine why the man with the camera wanted to be anonymous. It’s not like he will get threatened by the NOH8 folks, right?

  3. n.n

    I wonder if NOH8 would attack someone teaching the principles of evolution.

    Why do we celebrate a behavior antithetical to evolutionary fitness? A behavior with no redeeming value to society or humanity.

    Why, with the rejection of evolutionary principles, do these “enlightened” people not support equal protection in equal measure, irrespective of numbers, kinds, and forms?

    This isn’t principally a religious issue, other than that some — perhaps most — religious philosophies are sympathetic to the natural order, and firmly distinguish between matters of faith and selfish-interest motivated fantasies.

    This is about a minority class which places their material, physical, and egoistic needs before the interests of society and humanity.

    Anyway, just another pro-abortion/choice H8 parade.

  4. GoodMojo1

    “Tolerance from thee, but not from ‘meeee'”? ;p

    • n.n

      You’re supposed to turn the other cheek. Some “Christians” are fond of repeating this admonishment with selective regularity.

  5. Idl

    I really think American Public schools have produced generation after generation of dunces who don’t at all understand what freedom of speech is about. It isn’t just the gay movement that believes violence is the answer. Everybody who disagrees with the them ( the extreme left) must be destroyed. We will see much more of this behavior.

  6. koala

    The guy with the camera is surprised!? Why do we have to be tolerant vile histrionics?

  7. Tallyman

    What is there to love about them? Their arrogance, their exploitation of children, the media making them an exalted class.

  8. NRPax

    I think you’re looking at this the wrong way, Bob. They are giving a practical demonstration of what hate is, thereby teaching us how we shouldn’t act.


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