Are Things Better Off Or Much Worse?

More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics
Barack Obama was dubbed the “post racial” president, and while the left once called dissent “patriotic”, they called all political opposition to Obama’s policies “obstructionist” and “racist” and he never told them to ramp it back. Are race relations worse off now under Obama because…?

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  1. shwnrob1

    People thought by electing the black president that racism would just go away LOL.white folks see the messican hispanic gang race about to be the majority in America by 2040. And white supremecy a thing of the past and you thought that every one would just hold hands and sing kum by you.What planet are you from.

  2. shwnrob1

    And you people thought putting a Halfbreed Black man in the white house would make race relations better. Of course their is more racism because of having a Black man in the white house.If Obama were never president you would never have all these republicans supporting that murdering messican zimmerman.I think a full blown race war is a coming.

  3. GoodMojo1

    Obama and his cabal are rabid, virulent Leftists, thus they do what such Leftists do. They’ve weaponized babies for goodness sake! Why would they not weaponize race? Gender? Faith? Climate? Economics? Speech? A long (Though not exhaustive.) and shameful list, of shameful behaviors, by shameless Leftists. To expect better of them is naïve at best. Attention: GOP!

    A bonus from The American Thinker: How Democrats Exploit Minorities
    By Michael Bargo Jr.

  4. VeryOldSoldier

    Whether it was the Cambridge Police or the Trayvon Martin episode, – each time he has used race as a tool to further devide people, – not to bring them together…

  5. Joeybats

    I’m always distressed by photos, like that on the upper left, showing black folks in a state of ecstasy at an Obama rally. Looking at their faces you’d think they were witnessing the second coming of Jesus Christ and not just another hack politician. Its disgusting.

    • GoodMojo1

      Absolutely! The picture I get is of the Children of Israel worshipping the Golden Calf after being led out of bondage by Moses. That didn’t turn out very well…

  6. n.n

    It’s all potentially dual-use. The distinguishing feature is intent.

    As for race, it is tribal. There is no singular “black” people, or “African” people, etc. Anyone who does not recognize the diversity of people, beginning with the individual, continuing to the family, and to higher (i.e. artificial) levels of organization, in this world is either ignorant or opportunistic.

    That said, when Obama advised the Kenyans to normalize homosexual behavior, they rejected the proposal from a confused, wayward man. Obama is “black”. Kenyans are “black”. They are not of the same tribe.

    The notion of “race” is designed to hide the diversity of individuals, but with what intent? Homogenization — a reduction of diversity.

  7. Tallyman

    Most Americans left God in churches along with charity, sin, original sin, guilt, penance and absolution. The media appropriated them. Original sin became slavery, American Indians disposed, using fossil fuels, or poverty anywhere in the world. Your guilt is for that original sin and your sins of racism, greed, excess energy consumption, and not giving your fair share to the charity called government. Penance is by affirmative action, politically correct thought, carbon taxes, and giving more taxes to support the government’s charities. Absolution will be in the Marxist Progressive Heaven. Your vote for Barack is penance for the original sin of slavery. Barack’s incompetence is the cost of your penance. Your partial absolution depends on your fidelity to Barack. For Whites, White guilt requires penance by love for Barack. For Blacks, Black guilt results from denying Barack.

    The media’s gods are dead, like MARX, FDR, JFK, Fidel, Mao, Stalin and their ilk. The media’s orthodoxy is the route to a Hell on earth.


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