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After you’ve thought you’d heard it all, comes “reproductive justice”… for example,

Reproductive Justice is pro-sex, sexuality, gender, queer bodies, access to abortion and contraception, birth rights and chosen families, and so much more!

“So much more”!

If it’s “justice”, who’s getting paid back and for what?

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  1. kmacginn

    “Reproductive justice is struggling towards liberation within and with community.” I say the ultimate in “liberation” in this case is choosing not to get pregnant in the first place. Saying “Oopsie! I demand a do-over” is the height of immaturity and irresponsibility, and those are exactly the kinds of people who should not be engaging in sexual activities in the first place.

    • n.n

      That’s exactly why children have their liberty constrained until they are sufficiently mature to choose self-moderating, responsible behavior.

      That’s exactly why we discourage underage girls and boys from having sex. They are not prepared to accept responsibility for the potential but predictable outcome of their action: conception of a human life.

      There are consequences to devaluing human life, especially for material, physical, and egoistic fulfillment. Adults, who are presumably of sufficient maturity, should know better.

  2. NRPax

    I’m sorry. English is my only language but I still can’t make sense of that gibberish.

    • Igor

      Welcome to La-La Land, pal.

      These “people” are 51 cards shy of a full deck.

      • NRPax

        Who knew that being part of a victim group was the trendy thing?

  3. Jon Hammond7

    Imagine if Superman stood for truth, reproductive justice, and the American way. Political correctness run amok as usual.

  4. Tallyman

    A message about Justice to those morons: Justice has become unlimited liberty for just you? Is there liberty to obtain child and/or adult sex slaves for sexual or other perverse needs or desires? Nature’s Justice makes your lifestyles biologically unsustainable. If you stupid degenerates all want a stupid thing, Nature’s Justice will still call it a stupid thing. As degenerate mutations, you will receive Darwinian Justice.

  5. PB-in-AL

    “For SPARK, reproductive justice is the ability for Georgia and the South
    to continuously cultivate communities where we can all make sustainable
    and liberatory decisions about our bodies, genders, sexualities,
    families, and lives holistically and without shame or fear of policing.”

    …Provided, of course, that your decisions are in line with ours, otherwise we will make sure that we continually police and shame you into silence.

    What, exactly, does “liberatory” mean?!


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