The B&R Friday Skim

Benghazi talking points not shared with Clinton, Nuland says
Of course, no one in the smartest administration ever knows nuthin’

Edward Snowden ‘requests human rights groups meeting’
Trapped: An air escape from Moscow unlikely for NSA leaker Snowden
SOMEBODY help me!
Dentist who beat Spitzer’s fraud charges warns he shouldn’t be NYC controller
Someone who does know what came out of Elliot’s mouth
With Dems on defensive, GOP has chance to recapture Senate
Again, the GOP will make every effort to screw up that chance
Why the Zimmerman Prosecutors Should Be Disbarred
Race-baiting should never be a part of prosecutorial jurisprudence
Nancy Pelosi’s claim that Obamacare’s employer mandate ‘was not delayed’
Obamacare’s panicked Democrats
No one likes a pack of lies and those who delivered them
San Diego mayor admits he needs ‘help’ amid sexual harassment allegations
I have sinned and I don’t want to be unemployed!
Inmates riot, escape, set fire to Indonesia prison
How convenient
Where’s The Shame? Scandals May no Longer End Political Careers
Sorry to break it to you but politicians only care about maintaining their perks and pay and don’t give a shit about us
Bishop: Catholic Mom Brutally Murdered by Homosexual ‘Died as a Martyr for Her Faith’
Oh, you didn’t hear about this…?
Zimmerman Trial is this Year’s Duke Lacrosse Case
Obama’s Alinskyite Administration
Trayvon Martin Foundation calls for non-violence in wake of Zimmerman ruling
Exactly what does this “foundation” do?
What Happened to Congress’ ‘Fast and Furious’ Fury?
Only so many hours in the day when it comes to holding this administration accountable
Possible House GOP plan on immigration: A path to legalization, not citizenship?
A lot of Republicans will become indies should this happen
UK: 53% OF Muslim Men Don’t Work, Infidels Support Them
They’re very good at using our shit against us
Harry Reid on nuclear option: ‘I ate shit’ on nominees
Amid acrimony, Senate moves toward historic vote to change its rules
Go on, be shortsighted now and we’ll laugh at your whining later
Obama’s feckless Syria policy is likely to fail
Like everything else he touched
China missile fear: U.S. vulnerable to nuclear-tipped submarine-launched missiles, Pentagon warns
Again, thank Bill Clinton and Bernie Schwartz

2 Responses

  1. GoodMojo1

    ” Benghazi talking points not shared with Clinton, Nuland says”

    Great! Clinton didn’t lie about the talking points. But, She was incompetent and negligent in executing her duties as Secretary of State. Hang Benghazi around HRC’s neck, and apply generous portions of legal and political “Gorilla Tape”. Do not let her slither out of this..

  2. Tallyman

    What happened to fast and furious? The wimp, Boehner, wimped.

    Time to end the RINO fantasy of a Jeb Bush/Rubio ticket in 2016, carried to victory by the Hispanic vote.

    Cankles and Barack are masterminds, with limited intake capacity. So they cannot process new information, only repeat solutions that already failed.


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