The B&R Saturday Skim

Texas Senate Votes for Final Passage of Texas Abortion Bill, 19 to 11
Republicans prevail in abortion vote; Democrats plan to continue fight in court
Barack Obama Continues to Rabble Rouse After Texas Abortion Bill Passes
Texas police confiscate jars of urine, feces, paint from abortion bill protesters at state house
Unmasked: ‘I would fuck a senator’; Pro-aborts exploit kids to advocate for killing ‘unwanted’ ones
Cosmopolitan magazine says protesters may throw menstrual blood on Texas legislators
The left is so much smarter and civil

Zimmerman Jury to Begin 2nd Day of Deliberations
‘Justice for Trayvon’: Audio released of DOJ member urging action against George Zimmerman
Choosing sides before the evidence was in: justice?
Mother Jones: Why the Latest Zimmerman Race Riot Conspiracy Theory Is the Dumbest Yet
Yeah, liberals are the calm types (see Texas abortion protest stories above)
Countries seek to bring home Guantanamo detainees
They can have them
The Short List of Candidates to Replace Janet Napolitano at DHS
Big Sis’s Greatest Hits
The Homeland will be better off
White House holds Obamacare background briefing with liberal reporters
Getting on the same page with the propaganda wing
Defense Dept. Memo Decries Having Too Much Money, Urges Spending All Of It
Furloughs kick in amid anger, resignation
We were told they were furloughing civilian personnel because times were tight, right?
Snowden creates new headaches, distractions for White House
While I’m still on the fence regarding Edward’s activities, his making Obama’s life miserable is okay by me
Planned Parenthood Admits that It Uses Taxpayer Money to Fund Abortions

KTVU apologizes for racist SF plane crash gaffe
NTSB summer intern blamed for ‘confirming’ joke names of Asiana Airlines pilots
I originally thought this was a hoax and people weren’t this dumb. I stand corrected

Iowa court: It’s OK to fire employee you find too hot
The slope just got real slippery
Man wakes up with lipstick on, goes berserk
Next time, don’t pass out at a party, fool
Shocking photos of bus driver in lewd act while behind the wheel
I guess some things can’t wait until you get home…
Twitter Explains Why White People Riot
If you have to go back almost 100 years to find an example, your argument is weak
U.S. Decorated Veteran: Tossed Under the Bus Because He DID Follow the Rules
The truth doesn’t always set you free
Walmart Employee Warns Customer About Dog Locked in Car, Loses Job
Damned if you do…

6 Responses

  1. Richard White

    “Every child a wanted child.”

    Sooo, those who don’t want children shouldn’t get pregnant. How hard is that?

    My wife says, ‘Don’t unwanted children have rights?’

    Good question.

  2. Richard White

    One questions the pro-abortion folks never want to address is ‘When?’ When is a person a person? In Horton Hears a Who, we learn that a person is a person, no matter how small. But that’s a children’s story (and a good one). What about real life?

    I’m willing to admit that a fertilized ovum is no a person. Nor is a zygote or a blastula. They can be removed without the slightest moral implications.

    But what about the other end of pregnancy? What is the real, clinical difference between a fetus five minutes before normal term delivery and the newborn in its mother’s arms? What about at five days early? Five weeks?

    The only real difference is that the fetus is on natural life support, and it can’t survive inside the womb without it. By comparison, consider those on artificial life support, who can’t survive without it. They are on that life support because it is believed their bodies can heal to the point that they can, in fact, survive without it. What is the logical justification for applying a different standard of judgment to the fetus?

    This is just ‘thinking out loud’ and asking questions. Important questions that get to the heart of the matter. Questions that must be answered before we give a pass on abortion. Questions that abortion advocates never want to hear.

  3. Ilion

    Shocking photos of bus driver in lewd act while behind the wheel
    I guess some things can’t wait until you get home…

    Through no choice of my own, I’ve seen that in public three or four times in my life … and it has always been brothas doing it.

  4. Tallyman

    The government’s NTSB confirmed the Korean names. As we ought to be assured, the government knows better, that is why they govern you.

    Snowdon has destroyed the World’s delusions about Barack.

    Oh, I’m shocked, a another corrupt judge in Zimmerman. Poor Zimmerman didn’t realize his lawyers are part of the local judge/lawyer/prosecutor cabal, whose personal interests sometimes coincide with Justice..

    The earlier Trayvon protests were staged by government agent provocateurs. What’s different next.

  5. Richard White

    One thing the dispute over Texas HB2 has illustrated is the difference in character between its advocates and its opponents. Nowhere in the major media is to be found an article claiming that the bill’s supporters have behaved badly, and you can bet that if they had, we’d be hearing about it for weeks.

    And the other side? Well, their behavior is all too evident; even their media cheering section can’t entirely ignore the obvious.

    I was an a science fiction club meeting last night, my first. It was just a social gathering at the outside tables of a south Austin bar. The convensation eventually got around to current events and I discovered that I was alone among liberals. One young lady boasted about her one spontaneous act of defiance. She had walked past a demonstraiton outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Ohio. She described the demonstrators as old men with ‘ZZ Top beards’. She was ‘hormonal’ (her word) and removed her — ahem — soiled tampon and threw it at the demonstrators. It hit one’s sign and he looked astonished. Another young lady at the table said, “You’re my hero!”

    Sad. I thougt heroes are supposed to be brave. Mine are. She wasn’t brave, just angry.

  6. NRPax

    Why the Latest Zimmerman Race Riot Conspiracy Theory Is the Dumbest Yet
    As a white man who had the pleasure of being in my town’s Rodney King riots and who had the joy in front of being in front of a howling mob that was screaming “Kill the white motherf$&*ers!” please tell me how I’m in the wrong for preparing for the possibility that folks are going to act like meth crazed chimps because of this trial.

    Frigging mouth-breathing window lickers. Mother Jones and their readers are what happens when it becomes socially unacceptable to punch hippies.


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