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“Old assumptions” like respect and courtesy. And we wonder why kids get in our faces, or worse…

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  1. MrSaturn

    So why should any young person listen to Al Gore then?

    Also my parents are two older people (well early to mid-50s) that I have the utmost respect for and are way more intelligent than I ever will be. And judging the kids who are younger than me, they are getting dumber if anything.

  2. eNeecie

    The problem with his assumption is that he thinks young people have the ability to think for themselves and discern the truth. Being able to analyze information is a mature process, the last part of learning which occurs when you are no longer a child.

    This ability certainly does *not* apply to the current generation. As I’m sure I have said on here before, you would think that the up and coming generations would be the most skeptical generations in history since everything can be faked. I grew up in a time when people would give credence to anything that looked professionally printed because it was thought that only those in authority would have the ability to get something in print. Now anyone can produce a professional looking website or typeset brochure in just a few minutes. So you think that would make you more hesitant to accept something just because you see it in print. And yet, young people still believe anything anyone tells them–even if it is a barely literate Tweet. You would also think that since we live in an age where every video or picture you see can be altered, that they would question every photo and video out there, but they don’t. How many times have you seen commercials being passed around on the internet as if they were real?

    Our young people have been brainwashed by the Left. They are taught to believe whatever they are told without question. In fact, skepticism even in science is akin to holocaust denial (not that they know what the holocaust was). Islam also teaches that you do not ask questions. And as we have found out there, unlike what George W said, not everyone yearns to be free, in fact a lot of people are quite content to be slaves as long as they are taken care of.

    We are never going to be free in this country until we undo the damage done by the government controlled schools and press. You can’t force people to grow up and be free. They have to want it. The problem we face now is that we are closely reaching the point where most Americans don’t want it anymore. They are happy with the bread and circus.

    • eNeecie

      One last point, it does absolutely no good to have all this “new” knowledge that Gore refers to if no one ever looks at it.

      Apparently I am much better at searching the web for information than the younger generations. Maybe because when I was young, research consisted of flipping through hundreds of file cards in a card catalog at the library or paging through the periodical index. Then you had to go search through the stacks looking for the book or magazine you think might have what you were looking for. Once you had the written material you then had to read through it, not just do a word search, in order to find the information you needed. If you need an article from a newspaper or publication, that was even more fun. You would have to go to the index, look for the date of the article you hoped was the one you needed, go to the big file drawers, find the microfilm and put it in the machine and then flip through screen after screen looking for the article. This was a very time consuming business and if you used the wrong criteria to do your search, you could waste a lot of time looking up materials which had nothing to do with what you were trying to find out. Now I can go through this entire process in a few seconds.

      This is why it is shocking to me that so many people, including the majority of young people, believe things which can be disproven in a few seconds.

      Global Warming, 9/11 was an inside job, the Southern Conspiracy, Roe v Wade is about the right to privacy, the Kyoto Protocol was about reducing emission, etc. can all be disproven in a matter of seconds on the internet–if one knows how to do a search and how to determine if the source is credible. These are not skills taught in school.

      They used to say, “You give ’em books and all they do is chew on the covers.” We can now say, “You give them all the knowledge of mankind at the click of a button and all they want to do is look at porn.”
      I’ll step off the soapbox now.

  3. n.n

    There has been no fundamental change. Our reality is chaotic. It is not supernatural.


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