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Progressives have little use for independent thinking blacks, so I’d be willing to bet this is the last time we’ll be seeing my friend Larry Elder on Piers’ show for awhile.

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  1. koala

    Speaks fluently in three languages. English is not one of them.

  2. breadbasket

    Sadly,the way Larry Elder had to interject all of his explanations is the only way to avoid being steamrolled by Piers. The left just creates false demons like Zimmerman. Mr. Elder correctly pointed out all of the issues facing this country and the absolute stupidity of this Zimmerman lynch mob. Hell, Laila Ali was just on saying that Zimmerman had no rights and should have just taken an ass woppin! Hey, we can’t all fight like you, Ms. Ali.

  3. Ella Halligan

    Larry was brilliant but boy, Piers Morgan is such an IDIOT! I am very impressed with how Larry handled himself because I could feel my blood pressure rising just LISTENING to Piers Morgan!!

  4. Tallyman

    What a moron Piers is to claim to have learned that Jenteal was either educated or spoke multiple languages. Jenteal’s educational credentials granted by our government schools are dross. Jenteal cannot communicate in the common language within the larger society in which she lives. Speaks and thinks like a moron. Intelligence is the ability to learn and the speed of learning. That 19 year old failed to learn what a large majority do learn. Ergo, she’s stupid. Our government education’s “one of the best” certifications are worthless. Piers is the greater moron than Jenteal.

  5. Richard White

    Piers is an extraordinary fool. He says that her grades have slipped because of stress. Did she look stressed when she testified? She looked bored and annoyed. She declared she was leaving and was apparently annoyed when she understood that she would be returning the next day. Claimed she had trouble reading cursive (Piers must think that’s smart). Liberals see what they want to see. All the time. When conservatives see things they don’t want to see, they may struggle, but they don’t deny. Usually.

  6. Richard White

    “Martin was not committing a crime”

    Huh? I thought aggravated assault is a crime.

  7. GoodMojo1

    Larry Elder brought it home! He accepted Pompous Piers’ invitation understanding who Piers was, and didn’t allow himself to be baited into bullshit.

    After Piers shamefully patronized that girl, and coddled her, Elder pointed out the disservice Leftism always brings. It cripples people by inaccurately assigning responsibility, and when needed, culpability

    Elder offered Morgan several topics of discussion that are more pressing to the nation than the ginned up importance of the Zimmerman verdict. Piers of course, was already at the narrow limits of his capabilities, and could not be bothered with reality.

  8. Unclejerry

    My mom lost her mom when she was 15. She was able to keep her grades up and didn’t drop out of school over it. She lost someone that she had known since birth and depended on everything for. Had no other brothers or sisters to depend on. Yet she survived and even homeschooled her self when her dad had to travel with his job. Jeanteal has a lazy mentality. She doesn’t work, lives off her parents money. She is in no way a victim and people like Morgan are the biggest racist. Watching the interview he did with Jeanteal was really uncomfortable. He talked to her like she was mentally disabled. Leading her on and finishing her sentences for her. It was like he was interviewing a 10 year old and not an adult.

    • Ella Halligan

      My paternal grandfather left school after the 6th grade. Went on to raise four children and become a skilled butcher. Continued to read voraciously and my mother (who was college educated and very well read) said that she was constantly surprised by how much more advanced his vocabulary was and how well read he was. It’s a matter of desire to better oneself.

    • MrSaturn

      Nothing is more racist than a smug white liberal who believes that minorities are to quaint and simple to make it without their help. You’d think they’d get tired of being treated like children by them at some point.


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