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BartonThis guy might end up being an example in the dictionary definition of the “low-information voter”

A Vancouver man who fired a shotgun to chase away alleged car prowlers pleaded not guilty to one count of illegal aiming or discharging a firearm Wednesday and cited Vice President Joe Biden as the reason he did this.

“I did what Joe Biden told me to do,” Jeffery Barton told KOIN. “I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.”

Sorry about the presumption Barton is a liberal. I don’t recall any conservative stupid enough to do what Joe Biden told him to do.

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  1. Ilion

    Isn’t Vancouver in Canada?

    I see: there is also a Vancover, Washington.

  2. Tallyman

    Don’t be a low-information sheeple, never talk to the police, nor follow the advice of Biden. The man is charged based upon his statements to police. Supreme Court judge and Chief Nuremberg Prosecutor Jackson, wrote in a supreme court decision, “Make no statement to the police under any circumstances.” Note: UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.” Biden’s advice is stupid, because Biden is stupid. This Biden believer will now be more fodder for the defense lawyer/prosecutor/judge trough.

    The most important legal advice you’ll ever receive: http://www.youtube.com/embed/i8z7NC5sgik?rel=0

    • GoodMojo1

      I had had these, Tallyman, and had misplaced them, and forgotten. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. GoodMojo1

    How long before “I did what Joe Biden told me to do” enters the lexicon in the “Famous Last Words” category?


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