The B&R Wednesday Skim

Hooters sign: Bob Filner won’t be served
What’s he gonna do, sue for the right to grope? (That wasn’t a rhetorical)

Smiling ObamaKing Obama vs. Rule of Law
The Front Man
The next Republican president will have a lot to make sure never happens again
Lawmakers Issued License Plates That Make Them ‘Invisible’ To Traffic Cams And Parking Tickets
The fish rots from the head
Journalist Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan Before He Was Killed in Fiery Car Crash
When people start disappearing in the dead of night, we need to start worrying
Oprah tried to buy a handbag in Switzerland and it turned into this whole big thing and she’s sorry she brought it up but not really
Hey, we’re talking about her today. She was in the back of the cupboard yesterday
Burned corpses on the streets and ‘up to 100 dead’ as Egypt descends into bloody violence
A consistent outcome whenever the “religion of peace” is involved
Yankees fan steals second base on national television
Don’t get me started…
How the Left Wing Learned to Love Hillary Clinton
With friends like those…
Appeals Court: Obama Shutdown of Yucca Mountain Is Illegal
“… simply flouting the law” is a recurring theme
ObamaCare ugliness that O can’t admit
As long as the media covers for him, he won’t have to
‘Safe Passage’ Signs Are a Signal That Chicago Has Surrendered
How are all those tough gun laws workin’ for ya?
"Mrs. Danger"? Sydney Leathers poses for pictures outside of HeadquartersBig tease: Sydney Leathers is all thumbs at NYC strip club ‘hosting’ gig
Fame for just receiving texts
Team Clinton Not Laughing at Weiner’s ‘Joke’
Truth is something Team didn’t want to have to deal with so soon
FBI witness calls Fort Hood massacre scene ´worst´ in his career at trial
“Workplace violence” can be quite unforgiving
No big sacks at Bears game
Thank our terrorist friends who prefer soccer
A Former Engine of the G.O.P., the Town Hall Meeting, Cools Down
Only because politicians are learning how to hide from their constituents
Islam filmmaker says U.S. is hiding him
Kelly at MRCTV worked for weeks to set up an interview that eventually was declined. Most of her time was spent reintroducing herself to new prison authorities after he was moved again
Submarine sinks after major blast, casualties feared
Psst! Wendy Davis Is Running For Governor
You don’t say…
The Illegal Alien Murderer of Vanessa Pham
Illegals bring many things with them, including death
Happy Left-Handers Day! Facts and Trivia About Being A Lefty
Cindy Sheehan makes Socialist run for Calif. governor slot, cites Hugo Chavez as inspiration
Don’t laugh. It’s California. She could win
Rand Paul: Obamacare authors have ‘really small brains’
Rand, don’t go there…
Humanity is drowning in Washington’s criminality
Even the Russians are sympathizing with us
O’Malley Names Four New Judges to Baltimore City District Court
To progressives, diversity equals competence

3 Responses

  1. Igor

    Submarine sinks after major blast, casualties feared

    Really, REALLY, REALLY glad this was *not* a Nuc boat. You know the drill, Bob…

    O’Malley Names Four New Judges to Baltimore City District Court
    To progressives, diversity equals competence

    In real life, Diversity replaces competency. I have said it loud and often, I don’t give a Rat’s Behind what the person is (color, religion, etc.), are they competent??

    In the Progressive’s eye, this is the LAST thing they consider.

  2. Ilion

    The Illegal Alien Murderer of Vanessa Pham
    Illegals bring many things with them, including death
    Hey! Just committing the murders “that Americans don’t want to do”.

  3. Tallyman

    In re Hastings’ crash video: Gasoline vapor is explosive at about 4ppm in air, liquid gasoline is not explosive; it burns. A possible place with an explosive mixture of gasoline and air is in the fuel tank. Another place is within the passenger compartment, but the odor would be very noticeable. The third place is in engine area. There were three explosions in the video (three simultaneous sparks ignited all three). The odds of the correct mixture of gasoline vapor/air in all three locations is astronomical. Note: there was very little damage to the tree.

    Oprah craves attention. She has gotten her free publicity.

    Do unto the Brotherhood as the Brotherhood dogma would do unto you.

    Who protects you from the Chicago government in the safe zones?

    Finally the truth Americans are afraid to acknowledge is in new Pravada (pravada is truth in Russian). The sheeple fools believe, “I haven’t done anything wrong. I have nothing to fear.” Once they’re in Big Bro’s cage, they’ll be safe. What if one of Big Bro’s cronies puts false info in your file? “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Lord Acton No exceptions.


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