The B&R Monday Skim

The hardest working man in demagogy
I’m tired of being insulted (intellectually and personally) by this man

President Obama and his family return to Washington from their Martha´s Vineyard vacation… but not before one more round of golf!
Obama faces series of defining challenges post-vacation
He’ll actually have to work
Congressman-Peter-King Rand Paul, Peter King clash over NSA surveillance
Rand Paul Slandering NSA Officals
Time for Answers from the NSA
Well, if we’re told the NSA isn’t doing something and we find out they are, who should we trust? (Rep. King, it’s easy to talk when you know they aren’t bothering you….)
Questions on the Dual Role of a Clinton Aide Persist
Yet ANOTHER Clinton scandal?
Pastors Must Take Back Civil Rights Movement
Gays (and those who sympathize with them) have become the new oppressors
Promotion of Homosexuality Similar to Drugs, Alcohol – Russian Minister
While their response is a little over the top, the Russians know what they’re dealing with
Will Obamacare Enforcers Appear on Your Doorstep?
And what happens should you ask them to go away?
The Jew-Hating Dem Behind the “Million Muslim March”
A few strange bedfellows emerging here
GOP Poll: Sen. Alexander Trails Generic “Conservative” By 5 Points
He has it coming
Lone Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor hangs on
“Hope and change” isn’t what it once was supposed to be
Shock as Australian baseballer gunned down by US teens
Improving our standing in the world

Mount Sakurajima
Impressive ash cloud reaches for the sky as Japanese volcano erupts for the 500th time this YEAR
Can ya take a hint?

LINDSAY-LOHAN-FUCK-U-NAILLindsay Lohan says she’s an addict, aims ‘to shut up and listen’
I’ll believe it when I see it
The truth Johnny Depp wants to hide about the real-life Tontos: How Comanche Indians butchered babies, roasted enemies alive and would ride 1,000 miles to wipe out one family
Victims are so much more attractive
The Left’s Faux Martyr
Hillary’s Racial Politics
Using black people again
If Hillary is a lock, what’s a Democrat to do? Campaign for veep.
It Hillary is the best they have, what does that say?
Townhall Tactic 2013: Why do you want to deport my daddy?
Uh… because he BROKE THE LAW…!
Obama hits the road Thursday to talk college affordability
He should start with the overpaid presidents and administrators
Riot sparked by basketball bet heavily damages Polk juvenile center
At least it was contained
New York Times Editor: Left-Wing Slant Reflects Readership
And that’s why subscriptions are tanking…?
Police presence inside a showing of ‘The Butler’ causes outrage
Because we all know black people NEVER misbehave in movie theaters
Oscar Pistorius formally indicted, trial set for March
Had he been accused in America, he wouldn’t be walking around (so to speak)
The biggest yard sale in history: U.S. military racing to sell off or scrap $50BILLION of equipment in Afghanistan before it can fall into Taliban hands
Damn, I could’ve really used a cheap armored assault vehicle
As Egyptian Churches Are Put To the Torch, Obama’s Reputation Goes Up in Flames
Egypt Security Kills 36 Held in Its Custody
Knowing Islamic extremists as we do, I’ll accept the fact they were trying to escape and had become violent
Common Core Teachers Taught to Praise Wrong Answers Like ‘3 x 4 was 11’
One reason why we have stupid kids
Six types of people who are making America a worse place to live
Dunkin’s #1 is the biggest travesty of all
MI: Armed Citizen Shoots Aggressive Bear that may have Attacked Abby Wetherell
There are places in America (I hear) where it’s illegal to defend yourself from a fucking bear

3 Responses

  1. cmjcexsquid

    During 6th grade graduation ceremonies, my daughter was presented with a special award… for coming to school everyday with a “Great Attitude”.

    My wife and I laughed upon the announcement and turned to the friends and parents sitting behind us who knew our daughter well. They were laughing as well.

    While my daughter is a delightful person, a description shared by most that know her, she never had that attitude before she was ejected from the car each morning she was forced to attend classes that day.

    She was probably very bored with most of the days’ activities as she is very intelligent. But the school decided she needed some recognition as she never applied herself to the extent that would have produced academic awards.

    • Palmetto

      Yep, no child left behind. My grandson received an “art excellence” award this spring. The boy has never been able stand anything that involves crayons or artwork, but they couldn’t leave him out of the ceremony. Oh, and the ceremony was by “invitation only.”

  2. Tallyman

    Barack,the lie and liar, is offensive.

    Common Core will provide equal, “One of the best” diplomas, to all. If all are ignorant, none is smart.

    Arrest Peter King as an enemy of the people and their Constitution, who conspires to deprive Americans of their fundamental rights under the color of law. “Exposing a crime cannot be a crime.” Conspiring with government officials and/or NSA to violate civil rights is a crime. Knowingly, aiding and abetting a crime is a crime. King is another corrupt politician under NSA’s control.

    The real Peter King, terrorist, Muslim stooge and NSA controlled lap dog: “King often gave speeches at the Westbury Islamic Center, held book signings in the prayer hall, took in Muslim interns, and was one of the few Republicans who supported U.S. intervention in the 1990s to help Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. The Muslim community thanked King for his work by making him the guest of honor for the 1993 opening of a $3 million prayer hall. For years, a picture of King cutting the ceremonial ribbon hung on the bulletin board by the mosque’s entrance.”
    “King began actively supporting the Irish republican movement in the late 1970s. He frequently traveled to Northern Ireland to meet with senior members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA), many of whom he counted as friends. King compared the leader of Sinn Féin, the political wing of the PIRA, Gerry Adams to George Washington, and asserted that the ‘British government is a murder machine’.”
    “In 1985, the Irish government boycotted New York’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in protest at King serving as Grand Marshal of the event; the Irish government condemned him as an “avowed” supporter of IRA terrorism.”

    Dead bears don’t tell tales.

    I refused to buy the NY Times and its lies in 1961. It’s takes others longer.


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