The B&R Wednesday Skim

ACT’s Low College Readiness Rate Foreshadows Common Core Shock
Only a quarter of high school students are ready for college. Time to rethink our “investment”…?

So no-one was to blame! State Department employees suspended over Benghazi terror attack are re-instated
It was just one of those things…
Jailene Diaz-RamosThe handgun used in the 2012 double murder tied to jailed NFL star Aaron Hernandez found by police in the car of a 19-year-old woman from his hometown after she crashed it
A lot of people had a bad day
My constituents are complaining about eco-protesters, not drilling
Progressives can be rather obnoxious
Three teens charged over murder of Melbourne baseball player Chris Lane
‘Bored?’ Teenage Murder Suspect James Edwards Appears to Be a Crip
If Barack Obama Had a Son, Would He Look Like Chris Lane?
Black-on-white crime is of no concern to this race-obsessed administration
Fast-food workers call for nationwide walkout Aug. 29
August 29 should also be “Bring Your Lunch To Work Day”
‘I’m Not Paranoid’: Matthews Says GOP’ers Calling Obama ‘Obama’ Attempt to ‘Delegitimize’ Him
Waah! Matthews and others called Republicans a whole lot worse and that was celebrated dissent and free-speech
Top Roger Ailes Adviser Fired and Escorted From Fox News Building
These things happen
Newest Spy Court Pick Is a Democrat but Not a Liberal
What is the New York Times trying to say? Is this supposed to be reassuring?
US doesn’t know what Snowden took, sources say
Obviously, we’re finding out on Edward’s schedule
Obama admin allocates $52 million to Detroit for urban blight removal while pension funds continue to protest bankruptcy
Someone still has to get paid…
California small business owners ordered to pay back millions in tax breaks
The moving business must be booming
Al Jazeera Caught Airing Fake Death of Muslim Brotherhood Protestor
AT&T won´t carry Al Jazeera America
The rocky start continues
FEMA’s Advice for Emergency Preparedness: Watch TV and Wait for Instructions
How many millions did it cost to come up with that?
$30,000 reward offered for information in shooting death of Miami Gardens girl
I doubt the shooters looked anything like George Zimmerman
Florida Lawmakers Reject “Stand Your Ground” Session
Sharpton bitch-slapped
Russian female athletes defend their purely friendly, not gay, kiss
Don’t read anything into this…
Is LeBron James’ royal image helped or hurt by police escort?
You really think he cares?
Holder to Wall St.: More Prosecutions Coming Over Financial Crisis
You evil rich white guys (our friends excluded), watch your ass!
Longtime GOP strategist Boyd Marcus backs Democrat Terry McAuliffe
Another DC whore
Sweden Surpasses the U.S. in Hours Worked Per Working Age Adult
What happens when we become a transformed, part-time nation
Hundreds reported killed in chemical attack near Damascus
A couple of miles past that red line
‘Muslims peaked in the Dark Ages. But since then?’: Richard Dawkins embroiled in Twitter row over controversial comments
The Muslim inferiority complex takes another hit
Virginity test plan sparks controversy
Awaiting yet another response from Sandra war-on-women Fluke
Gabby Giffords’ Anti-Gun Group Caught Accepting Illegal Contributions
By any means necessary
Antigay Russian Politician’s Church Attacked With Molotov Cocktails
Tolerance goes both ways… sometimes
Why don’t whites have black friends?
CNN stirring up shit again

4 Responses

  1. cmjcexsquid

    Chris Lane! Where to start?
    1. Hope MRC and/or others quantify the number of stories by news organization plus comments by Barry, Oprah, Eric, Al and Jesse. Bill and Hill?
    2. When the calls for gun control start up again, maybe Barry and Eric will call for their supporters to set the example by simply turning in their weapons.
    3. How long will it take to establish 501c(3 & 4) non profits so that I can start selling T-shirts calling for justice for Chris Lane? Can I use any photos found on the net that are not clearly marked as copyrighted?

  2. Tallyman

    Dawkins is only half right as always. There is no Nobel Prize in economics awarded by the Nobel Committee. The “Nobel” prize in economics was set up much later and the award controlled by the Swedish Central Bank in order to make believe that economics was a science. Krugman received one recently. The Muslim mindset still lives in the dark ages.

    CNN, why don’t Blacks have White friends? Barack delegitimatized himself with his own mouth.

    Holder shakes down Wall street with new threat of criminal prosecutions?

    Cabranes, a Democrat, is very liberal. NSA, which has Judge Roberts in its pocket, has picked the new Democrat judge to legitimatize the secret court overseeing NSA.

    AL Jazeera has proven its just like the other MSM with fake and distorted news.

    FEMA’s advice. Obey your TV.

  3. Richard White

    ‘Muslims peaked in the Dark Ages. But since then?’: Richard Dawkins embroiled in Twitter row over controversial comments

    For once Dawkins is right. Of course, this is not his bread-and-butter subject, but let’s give credit where it’s due.

  4. Richard White

    “Russian female athletes”

    They’re Russians. Even the men kiss on the lips (just a peck, mind) in greeting. Khruschev, Gorbachev, Putin . . . the lot of ’em.

    Don’t mean a thing.


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