Racebaiters Of The Day

Flashback: Oberlin College Cancels Classes To Address Racial Incidents
The Great Oberlin College Racism Hoax of 2013
Meet the privileged Obama-supporting white kids who perpetrated cruel Oberlin race hoax
Once again, “progressive” means dishonesty, manipulation, intolerance and the tried-and-true tactic of using ethnic minorities to make a warped point.

And the case can be made that liberals are quite adept at manufacturing hoaxes for a variety of self-serving motives…

Flashback 1987: Tawana Brawley: Bias Cases Fuel Anger Of Blacks
Flashback 1998: Man Changes Dragging Story — Bad Drug Deal, Not Possible Hate Crime
Flashback 2004: Claremont Hate Crime Called Hoax
Flashback 2006: Minority Student Charged with Hate Crime at Trinity University
Flashback 2008: Columbia Professor in Noose Case Is Fired on Plagiarism Charges
Flashback 2010: UCSD Suspends Student Linked To Noose Found On Campus
Flashback 2012: Lesbian Couple Charged With Staging Hate Crime

Of course, there’s one of my favorites…

It would also appear that tolerant, inclusive, free-expression-of-ideas liberal college campuses are the most recent breeding grounds of racial tactics being used to foment animus and tension, as narcissistic progressives always seek, to “make a difference”.

They are, and it shows.

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