It’s-All-About-ME! Of The Day

Hillary Clinton tells Diana Nyad about her ‘sharks’
Nothing about Syria (given her previous position), no diananyad hashtag; just making someone else’s accomplishment all about her. Four more years…?

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  1. Alice Pruneau Suszynski

    Is anyone getting the feeling that Kerry is grooming himself to run for the presidency?

  2. GoodMojo1

    Benghazi… Vince Foster… Rose Law Firm… Arab Spring… Obviously, this list goes no, and on, and on. I might say, “Cankles is one of the sharks…”, but she shares none of the sharks’ positive attributes.

    Down With Cankles!!! “Salut” to Diana Nyad!!!” Still “in it to win it” at 64!

  3. Tallyman

    The Cankles PR is at work. Associate this woman’s triumph with Cankles. Cankles should be President because she stayed with Bill? Cankles should be President because she’s a woman? Cankles should be president because she traveled to 112 countries? You elected the first Black President, so next the first woman president? The goal of Cankles PR is to get her name in any positive news.

  4. cmjcexsquid

    Hey Hill: 112 countries gave Bubba opportunity for 112+ bimbo liasons.


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