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Some of this is not looking good….

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  1. Ella Halligan

    Honestly, he is severely understating the case in regards to our schools. If you’ve looked at any of the laws they are sneaking in with the Common Core curriculum, you’ll be shocked at what they plan to do with our kids. Honestly, I think the CC is crap on PURPOSE. By keeping us up in arms and arguing about details about algebra and language arts, etc., they are keeping people from looking at the State Longitudinal Data Systems and the collusion with inBloom, inc. to track our children from preschool through to the workforce.

    The federal Department of Education has forced schools in states that accepted Common Core to “disaggregate” the data it sends. Now, instead of saying “we have X number of students, X number did this well on the state tests”, etc., now they are making every bit of data personally identifiable to your child. AND over the next few years, they are going to be expanding the amount of data they college. The DOE website lists its goals for data collection… they even include parents’ political affiliations, parents’ religious affiliations, psychometric data gathering on the children using specialized cameras and sensors… it’s pretty freaking scary stuff and most people don’t even KNOW about it!


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