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Jenny Beth Martin, Co-founder and National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, spoke to the Richmond Tea Party who are urging House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to vote against funding Obamacare.

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  1. Tallyman

    A man cannot serve two or more masters. Cantor and his co-conspirator, Boehner, serve themselves by serving the DC media. To oppose Obamacare is for Boehner and Cantor to suffer the wrath of the DC media. Both Cantor and Boehner are in power because of the Tea Party, but they continue to serve their DC media masters. The choice for the Tea Party is not to hope that the two Republican Judas’s will see the light, but to seek their removal. Without the Tea Party, they wither. Those swine, Cantor and Boehner, need to fear the wrath of the Tea Party, not the Tea Party’s begging for support.

    Power corrupts; long serving power corrupts more. The message to House Republicans from Tea Partiers must be; remove Boehner and Cantor or lose my vote. The Tea Party message to Senate Republicans is support McConnell and lose my vote. Republicans lose because they stand for nothing, but acquiescence.. For those upset with Obamacare: why vote Republican again and watch Republicans not act against Obamacare. No is the most powerful response to abuse.

  2. BadMan84

    I agree with her. I always thought Presidents, Governors, Senators and Reps (and the like) deserve only one term in office. Two terms is too much considering what has happened with two-term Presidents, Senators, etc.


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