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Hillary Clinton heckled on Benghazi during award ceremony
“The honor is given annually to an individual who displays courage and conviction….”
What a fucking joke.

Milton WolfBarack Obama’s fire-breathing conservative cousin set to run for the U.S. Senate to stop his family turning America ‘into a second rate welfare state’
An Obama family feud… cool!
ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling
Sucks to be our women and children
A Puzzled Ed Schultz Marvels: ‘It Amazes Me That People Don’t Love Obama’
Then it’s clear he isn’t that smart
Obama outsources nation’s economic management to Bain consultant
Doesn’t this mean they weren’t as bad as he campaigned they were?
White House backs off ObamaCare deal for unions
White House: No Subsidies for Union Health Plans
Just wait until no one’s looking…
US, Russia reach deal on Syria chemical weapons
Obama: I’m not just going to take Russia and Assad’s word
Like they take yours…?
Yale Tries to Clarify What Sexual Misconduct Is in a New Guide
No need to send your son there
17-Year-Old Arrested For Murder Of Man Captured On Surveillance Tape
Another black-on-white incident ignored by the civil rights pimps and their media whores
Al Qaeda leader calls for strikes on U.S. soil to ‘bleed’ America’s finances
That won’t take much
Illinois Supreme Court overturns gun conviction
That 2nd Amendment continues to be a sticking point
Union leaders, pastors meet with Obama administration, members of Congress seeking plan for Detroit
I wouldn’t give them a dime until they replaced the entire city council that irresponsibly spent them into the ground (which means they’re going to get bailed out)
Investigators: 36,000 game disability system
On the low end…
CBS 2 Investigation: Underground — And Illegal — NYC Dinner Parties
How long before you have to ask permission to have someone over for a meal?

Miss Kansas vies for national crown, tattoos and all
Another unfortunate sign of our times

Beheaded in front of children, Assad’s thugs are dragged to their doom and butchered like animals in some of the most brutal scenes to emerge from Syria’s civil war
We’re to consider them on our side?
U.S. soldiers accepting cash, drugs for Mexican drug cartel contract hits
And what is our DOJ spending most of their time on, voting rights?
Obama, one of the most-traveled presidents in history, to hit the road again
But the open arms aren’t there anymore
Communist Groups Helped Organize Petraeus Protest
Campus: Commies welcome, decorated Americans not. See how that works, parents?
US rapper Kanye West charged over paparazzo attack
I really hope I see the day when talented musicians are in the music industry again
missing-anti-war-celebritiesThe silence of the hams: Celebs on Syria
Their “convictions” are proven bullshit
Federal Court Rules ‘In God We Trust’ Will Remain on Coins and Currency
So stop using that offensive cash, atheists!
Gallup: Public’s trust in federal government to handle problems reaches 40-year low
And the public’s trust that government can make things worse… through the roof
Tracking Politicians: How Democratic Operations Have Changed Elections – And How Republicans Plan To
Listen for the whining when lib tactics are used against them
Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world
And responsible Google employees would NEVER tap into someone’s Wi-fi while on the road. Trust them
Early Cracks in Nunn’s Armor
The reason you don’t hear the media talking about the midterms is because they know it’s going to be very bad for the left

8 Responses

  1. Alexandra Boese

    Focusing on miss kansas’s tattoos and body objectifies her. She is a very accomplished woman and is currently serving our country. Beauty contest or not she should be respected for that. She has mine.

  2. Tallyman

    Syrian Rebels commit atrocities and war crimes. Barack knows of those crimes and continues to supply them with weapons and other aid. This is US Law:
    18 USC § 2 – Principals (a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal.
    18 USC § 2441 – War crimes (a) Offense.— Whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, commits a war crime, ..
    (1) Prohibited conduct… (B) Cruel or inhuman treatment.— The act of a person who commits, or conspires or attempts to commit, an act intended to inflict severe or serious physical or mental pain or suffering (other than pain or suffering incidental to lawful sanctions), including serious physical abuse, upon another within his custody or control.
    (D) Murder.— The act of a person who intentionally kills, or conspires or attempts to kill, or kills whether intentionally or unintentionally in the course of committing any other offense under this subsection, one or more persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including those placed out of combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause.
    (E) Mutilation or maiming.— The act of a person who intentionally injures, or conspires or attempts to injure, or injures …

    Betrayus betrays all Americans in the Benghazi aftermath, right, left and elsewhere.

    Kerry and Barack submit to Putin.

    Dear Ed, does loving Barack atone for media-induced-guilt? Which religion offers this atonement?

  3. n.n

    Not voting rights, but voter nullification.

    Obama, one of the most-traveled presidents… He’s determined to secure his AGW (Anthropogenic Global War) legacy with the support of a democracy, and AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) with the support of a consensus.

    But the open arms aren’t there anymore… They are no longer laughing with him. Perhaps they never were.

    So stop using that offensive cash, atheists… They would also need to leave or destroy America. Our nation was established with a faith and appeal to God and Creator.

  4. RightSide

    “Miss Kansas vies for national crown, tattoos and all
    Another unfortunate sign of our times”

    I guess I’m just too old and too old fashioned because I cannot stand it when a beautiful woman disfigures herself with tattoos. You’re already drop-dead gorgeous. Leave your beautiful skin pristine, please.

    • n.n

      I agree. It’s ugly. She’s been tagged. I wonder with what association.

      • Ella Halligan

        She’s a service member. I don’t remember right off if it was Army or Marines. But look into this further… you may find you really like the girl. I have watched her video on the meaning of service and it was really good.

      • Ella Halligan

        Just checked… it’s Army. From the article: “But that’s not the only thing that sets her apart from most bombshells. The Miss America contestant also hunts deer with a bow and is an M16 marskman (markswoman?) serving in the U.S. Army while double-majoring in Chinese and chemistry at Kansas State. Oh, and she’s working on her private pilot’s license.”

    • Palmetto

      Can you even imagine what the nursing homes of the future are going to look like? Everybody with artwork that will look like a Jackson Polloch nightmare.


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