Kurt Sutter: Bonehead Of The Day

One shouldn’t have the audacity to criticize the Hollywood intelligentsia…

I would imagine these are not evil people. But they are just not very intuitive or intelligent individuals. It’s such a small and simple view of process. The fact that people want to be monitoring what my children watch is terrifying. There is no awareness of what is the bigger objective of that episode is, the bigger point of the narrative.
Kurt Sutter, creator of “Sons of Anarchy”

So, if you think the liberal entertainment industry’s depiction of a “fictional Catholic-school shooting”, “two rapes and a man drowning in a bathtub of urine” is worthy of parental notification, you’re just plain stupid. Okay, I get it.

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  1. GoodMojo1

    “Silly (conservative) parents! You don’t understand the ‘nuances’ of the shows we produce”!

  2. Igor

    It is my responsibility to monitor what my children are watching, not some other person or group. Period. Children learn from their parents first, their environment second. Their worldviews are more and more shaped when I abdicate the correct principles to be taught to my children by the schools.

    Stupid me. Wanting what’s best for my children, making sure the drek shoveled my kids’ way does not affect them……………

    You darn betcha I’m watching.

    • Tallyman

      Igor, you’re right. They’re your children, not their children. The MSM is a continuous perversion, seeking the vulnerable for exploitation. The children at Jonestown drank the kool-aid.

  3. n.n

    Childhood is referred to as the formative years with good cause. Parents, and society, take precautionary steps to guide children’s proper development. They probably should not be introduced to perversion and corruption until they are sufficiently mature to appreciate its nature. The bigger point can be taught without resorting to graphic detail. The bigger point can only be properly appreciated after teaching the right principles.

  4. Tallyman

    Children learn from what they see and imitate. Some Muslim children are taught to hate and die while killing others as a goal in life. All evil Fagans exploit children for their goals, not because they love children. Parents love their children as extensions of themselves, while the liberal Fagans see them as disposable tools.


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