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Kansas professor placed on administrative leave after controversial tweet
I guess there are certain children liberals don’t give a shit about

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  1. Tallyman

    For fifty years most professors were selected based upon their EQ (Emotional quotient) and their HAVQ (Hate-American-values-quotient), instead of their IQ. After many years, the habit of emoting without thinking becomes ingrained. The dumb lout even forgot that God is a verboten thought. Dopey forgot that his messianic hero’s choice, Biden, recommended shotguns.

  2. GoodMojo1

    Typical punk-assed liberal: He “respects the rights NRA”,but his “nuance” was a little above some.

  3. n.n

    The NRA does not arm criminals. It does not arm government agents. The NRA does not arm drug cartels or terrorists. I think Guth is either confused or psychotic. He should have his right to keep and bear arms severely limited. Perhaps he can carry a water pistol so that he doesn’t hurt himself or others.

  4. Igor

    Another fool heard from.

    Remember, Gun Free Zones are a Liberal thing,

    The blood is on whose hands, fool? Better to keep your mouth shut, David, than for you to prove to all just how rabid you are…

    Need to up your meds, bro.


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