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Flashback 2011: Are The Tea Party Terrorists?

Reid: No bowing to ‘Tea Party anarchists’ on Obamacare
Sorry Harry, people aren’t buying it

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  1. Tallyman

    Definitions Terror~ n. intense overpowering fear; anarchy~ n. absence of political authority

    For Reid, Schumer and the rest of the pernicious long serving DC vermin, the Tea Party induces overpowering fear that their political authority will be removed. The DC power elite’s Ministry of Truth, aided by its running dog MSM, tries to cause word associations and induce emoting among the proles. The MSM expects the proles will associate the terror of the mall massacre in Kenya with what the
    Tea Party would do to our ruling government. The MSM expects the proles to associate the acts of Guy Fawkes (blow up parliament) with what the Tea Party would do the present Congress. Terror = mall massacre. Tea Party = DC massacre of existing politicians Ergo: Tea Party = terrorists

    Anarchists like Fawkes wanted to blow up parliament = Tea Party will blow up existing power structure in Congress. Ergo: Tea Party = anarchists.
    The Ministry of Truth is failing. The proles no longer trust the MSM. Reid and Schumer are terrorized and squirming.


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