The B&R Government Shutdown Skim: Day 04

DC chase shooting
DC attacker a dental hygienist, shot dead after chase
Woman in DC chase may have thought Obama was stalking her, sources say
The “18 year old” woman who was 34, driving a black Lexus that was an Infinity, with a 1-2 year old who is 2-3, who can’t be ruled out as a terrorist and may have been the fault of Republicans… the media was really on their game yesterday

Run-over Mass. biker has long criminal record
Unfortunate he’s hurt, but he really had it coming
Obama Overplays His Shutdown Hand
When you’re not willing to negotiate, you’ll look the fool when you have to
Is Silicon Valley working on sinister plans for designer babies? If so, it´s playing into the hands of racists
We’ll soon find out who the liberal elites prefer…
International teachers’ unions to politicians: Invest in education
Guess we can try that. Our investment in educators went mostly down the toilet
Study: Everyone hates environmentalists and feminists
Because the negative stereotypes based on their actions aren’t very attractive or sympathetic
Obamacare: Error 404
John McAfee on Obamacare: ‘This is a hacker’s wet dream’
Their campaign sites worked like a charm because it was to benefit them. The people later get shit
Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Obama plotted to destabilize regimes in Bahrain, Egypt
He destabilized the United States; why stop here?
Wendy Davis Announces Bid For Texas Governor’s Seat
“Don’t hit the girl” starting up soon…
Al-Shabaab Terrorists in Kenya Attack Seen as U.S. Threat
And what is Obama prepared to do about it?
The White House says people have bought Obamacare. We haven’t met them quite yet
Hold on… wait a minute…
ChadChad Henderson Signed Up for Obamacare and Every… Single… Media Outlet Is on It!
The Only Man in America Who Successfully Signed Up for Obamacare Just Happens to be an Obama Volunteer
Everything appears “fixed” with this bunch, then again…
Sebelius Fails even in Her Own State: Not a single Kansan Signs up for ObamaCare On the First Day
Obama cancels visits to Indonesia, Brunei due to U.S. government shutdown
This is probably why the president is really angry about the shutdown
Arizona police officer asked not to wear uniform at daughter’s school
The ninification of schools
Female Student Ordered to Change out of ‘Offensive’ NRA T-Shirt
Faced With NRA Legal Action Canyon High School and Orange Unified School District Issue Apology to Student Who Wore NRA T-Shirt
Looks like the t-shirt wasn’t so “offensive” after all
Public Schools “Celebrating” LGBT History Month
The indoctrination continues
Stripping down for Obamacare
Desperate appeal to the Obama voter
Corey claims ‘sovereign immunity’
Government workers will rip your life to shreds, but please leave them alone
NY Times: Southern States Racist for Rejecting Medicaid Expansion
How many blacks work in editorial for the New York Times…?
Activists put heat on ‘GBH to oust donor, board giant
Diversity of thought not allowed for public television
Kenyan Military Promises to Deal Firmly with Soldiers who Looted Stores During Westgate Mall Attack
I bet they will
San Diego Federal Workers Want Congress To Wrap Up The Shutdown
IRS workers in Ogden protest government shutdown
Do they want to work or just get paid…
Robert Gibbs: Cruz is the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ of Washington
This, coming from a man who giggles
Court Sides With Retailer In Islam Discrimination Case

8 Responses

  1. Ella Halligan

    WTF is happening in AZ? I grew up in Phoenix and my dad not only showed up to school events in full uniform, but fully armed, as well!

  2. RightSide

    Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Obama plotted to destabilize regimes in Bahrain, Egypt

    He destabilized the United States; why stop here?

    No doubt all of this is somehow tied to arms coming from Libya and
    Benghazi. Rather than muck about trying to destabilize things in the Middle East why not let the pipeline go through, issue offshore drilling permits and open up more oil fields with land leases? Plus we need more refineries. They are crazy. We have more oil than all of the mid east. This is total bullshit.

  3. Richard White


    Bob, I posted on FB yesterday that the Lamestream Media (TM) would quickly find a way to blame Republicans, the Tea party, conservatives, etc. Seems it didn’t take long.

    Later, I told my wife that if the woman is white, we’ll never hear the end of it, and, of course, the LSM will pile on with the right-wing blame. If she’s black, everyone on the Left will be all understanding, compassionate and empathetic, and they’ll still find an angle through which they can blame the Right. Then the story will disappear.

    Remember: you heard it here first.

  4. Tallyman

    Everything the government and its media says is a lie. “Unarmed” Mother killed by over-reacting government goons? The opinions of unidentified sources is media thought control, aka as garbage.

    Paraphrasing T. Roosevelt, “in regard enviros or femi-rats: In 9 out of 10 cases they are better off dead and in the tenth case don’t ask too many questions.”

    Did Barack pass affirmative foreign plotting, because he’s failing now?

    Sign up for Obamacare and get a “one of the best” bumper sticker for your broken down used Mini.

  5. NRPax

    Study: Everyone hates environmentalists and feminists

    So it took a study for a group of people to realize that acting like a hairy-legged man hater or a Gaia humping tree hugger was a bad thing for your cause? I can see that rational thinking isn’t being taught any more.

    This, coming from a man who giggles

    Am I the only one who thinks that Gibbs sounds a lot like Barney Rubble?

      • NRPax

        Hey now; Barney was always my favorite character. But you gotta admit that Gibbs’s crazed giggle does sound like him.

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