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Sometimes tradition trumps political correctness

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  1. ElinorRose

    What? Were you guys talking about some football team’s name?

    I was too distracted by Dan Joseph’s awesome guns to pay attention to the interviews.

  2. n.n

    Political Correctness is a refuge for opportunists.

    The greatest offense is offered by people who classify the people of the numerous empires, nations, and tribes as Indian or redskin. They do realize that those groups have separate identities, don’t they? They do realize that many were in conflict with each other. That some groups were imperial; others slavers; others genocidal; and others yet cannibals. I would be personally offended to be clumped in one class with a mortal enemy. It’s analogous to describing all people of Africa as African, or all people of Europe as European.

    That said, how are the terms “redskin” and “cracker” comparable? Perhaps she meant “whiteskin”. Yeah, for better or worse, I am learning the urban language… clicking and whistling their way to extinction.

  3. soanonymous

    I guess we could just get rid of all the mascots for every team ever! Then no one would be offended!

    • n.n

      Apache, Tomahawk, … Just a few names or words we associate with power. It seems that Americans remember and honor the strength of their former competitors. Perhaps we should just forget them altogether or only exploit their history for political opportunity.

  4. Ecotim

    Nice one, I went to the on line dictionaries. Majority did say Redskin was offensive, one just said it relates to a tribe in Newfoundland Canada. That is extinct.
    I liked the reference to the Bullets, AKA the Bullet train. That was deemed offensive (liberals can’t think). The bullets was a bad name since DC was having a huge issue with gun crime and deaths. So change it to the wizards. A great democrat party name. After the grand wizard of the democrat activist wing.
    One problem I see is the people who only see the negative. What about all the positive that comes from this team name? Sure they were losers at times, all teams have ups and downs. But the positive aspects of the Washington Redskins, do the fans think it is offensive (Dan’s interviews seems to prove against that). How about the positive aspect of a proud warrior? When I see the logo and the name I do not see a racial slur but a positive proud depiction of the race.
    It is like the people who ascribe all that is bad with slavery to the white man. Or English white man. What about the Spanish, the Arabs and the African Blacks, where the latter two groups still do slavery.
    What about where the American blacks are today compared to where others went and how those that stayed behind? I think they are well better off, and the ones that are here that are not are only the ones that only see things in the bad light, or worse think getting a good education is being white. where has that gotten them?


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