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Image of toddler sipping a Bud Light at Cleveland Browns tailgate goes viral
“It’s only weird if it doesn’t work”… nah, not this time

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  1. Igor

    Can’s gotta be empty, or he’d have a dribble trail down his front.

  2. jpkalishek

    when I was 2 and 3 any beer I could reach was fair game. I’d snatch them and start guzzling. That beer looks like it is likely empty btw.

    • Ella Halligan

      I was thinking the same thing… the kid found an empty (or almost empty) beer and someone thought it was cute. Heck, I have a picture of Arielle when she was 3 with a Heineken mini keg in her lap… and one of Patrick as a 5 month old baby reaching out and managing to snag his grandpa’s wine glass… we didn’t let him guzzle, but we did think it was a funny photo moment.


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