The B&R Monday Skim

Clinton ally pens e-book: ‘The Benghazi Hoax’
It’s clear this is Hillary’s weak spot and they know it. Can’t wait to read how her enemies set her up with that “offensive” YouTube video, then again, what difference at this point does it make?

Obama frustrated with ongoing Affordable Care Act glitches
What happens when you believe government can do no wrong
Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne Declares The Era Of The Far Right And The Era Of The Tea Party Is Over
Where have we heard that before…?
Bloomberg’s NYC Gun Control: 12 Shot, Five Killed, No Arrests
People die when liberals are wrong
University of Georgia professor calls conservatives “terrorists”
An ecology professor stages a political rally. Makes sense…
Democrat Congressman Refers to Conservatives as “Domestic Enemies”
Nah nah nah nah nah nah…
Rubio Defies Tea Party, Endorses Mitch McConnell For Reelection
Never trusted him
Ted Cruz stalker inspired by Democratic Party messaging materials
And they call US terrorists
Jamie Dimon’s $13B sin — bashing Obamanomics
How government crooks raise revenue while sending a message
AP Reporter: Obama ‘Very Worried’ About Health Care Rollout, Will ‘Have to’ Take Blame Monday
After blaming Republicans who have nothing to do with it
We’re listening — and improving every day
Obamacare Raising Premiums, Hurting Middle, Lower Class
Top Senate Democrat says ObamaCare is on its way to ‘substantial success’
Dems caught in Obamacare uproar
They are NOT looking forward to the midterms
The next homosexualist goal: elimination of “age of consent”, license for pedophiles
I wouldn’t be surprised
Afghan special forces commando defects to insurgents taking weapons with him
Egypt: 3 Dead as Gunmen Fire on Coptic Christian Wedding
A mess all around
Rodman Describes Kim Jong-un’s ‘7-Star’ Lifestyle
Li’l Kim be chillin’
State media, Jerry Brown ignore CA’s worst-in-nation poverty rate
Another liberal-controlled state tanking
France summons US ambassador over spying report
Can’t be a fun job nowadays
Oliver Stone: U.S. an ‘International Terror,’ Tea Party Racist to Its Core
Any time you want to debate this, Ollie, seeing how you probably know how many in the Tea Party…?
MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: Illegal Immigration is the Modern Form of Slavery
It’s clear Mith Harrith-Perry hasn’t been to South Central to see what the illegals have done to the black community
Japan to shoot down foreign drones that invade its airspace
All Chinese journalists to be taught not to write in favor of Japan
Are some of them Columbia School of Journalism grads?
Illinois Senate President (D) Chicago: Pension debt not a ‘crisis,’ but about lowering taxes
It should be a future requirement that politicians know how to count
Ma’s security strengthened after shoe-hurling attacks
This is serious
Bill Ayers is the WORST interviewee in recorded history
UFT again shows it doesn’t care about the kids
It’s only been about teacher salaries, thus keeping those union dues coming
First lady dines at Bibiana
“grilled ecofriendly pork chop”…?
U.S. Navy rocked by bribery scandal
I just remember how much grief officers gave us as we should aspire to be like them…

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  1. RightSide

    Illinois Senate President (D) Chicago: Pension debt not a ‘crisis,’ but about lowering taxes

    It should be a future requirement that politicians know how to count

    I think they need to know more than just how to count. They also need to understand the Law of Diminished Returns and the Law of Unintended Consequences.

    Take for example the 2009 increase in the Federal Excise Tax on tobacco products. The increase, from $1.07 to $24.97 on loose tobacco and cigarette taxes went from $0.39 to $1.01 per pack, was supposed to fund SCHIP, now known simply as CHIP. This plus rule changes caused a huge expansion of the program.

    What these fools didn’t figure was the DROP in revenue due to people who quit smoking and the shutdown of of the RYO outlets (not forgetting to mention the huge black market originating on Indian reservations, notably in New York). Now, four years later, they want another boost of 95 cents a pack.

    Politicians are blinded by their utopian dream while failing to foresee the impact of their actions. Numb nuts bar none.

  2. n.n

    Benghazi is part of the greater scandal in Libya. It was an effect, not a cause of the action undertaken in that country. It seems that Syria was also a beneficiary of a poorly planned and executed regime change.

  3. cmjcexsquid

    Listening to Flounder’s (aka BHO) speech right now. Don’t hear any blame taking. He is actually trying to explain why it is such a great deal. Still selling after 18+ minutes… nobody to blame yet… must be GWB’s fault. Explaining other ways to apply besides website… more employees at call centers with capability to help in 100+ languages. Call now at 800-318-2596 for your brief message about heavy call volume. Got the automated main menu on the second try plus a brief message in Spanish to press 2 for Espanol. Don’t know what number to press for Kenyan, Arabic or Indonesian.

    NAMBLA and other pedophiles have been seeking an elimination of age consent. Jerry Sandusky may yet get out of prison.

    $13B from JPM will go direct to the JustUs department where it can be spent on anything without approval from Congress. I expect they will buy all of the first 3 printings of the Ayers book and the rest for bonuses.

    “60 Minutes” ran a story yesterday about the complete recovery of the Humpback whale population from 5,000 in the 1960s to an estimated 80,000 now and the possibility of 250,000 in the near future. Sounds to me like they are no longer endangered. Lots of hungry people in the world that would like to enjoy some high-in-iron red meat. Lots of Humpbacks eat lots of krill that cannot be eaten instead by fish that we might eat… Oh, I forgot. We are all supposed to be vegans in addition to homosexual.

  4. Tallyman

    His messiah was dissed by Cruz.

    The Ministry of Truth’s media includes publishing books to train the sheeple to emote. Cankles is being cleaned up to become a lovable old sow..

    The Washington ruling rabble are afraid their tea will be dumped in the Potomac.

    It is so sad. Illinois Democrats have raised taxes and revenue did not increase. They’re so far behind in paying State bills, they will have to not pay bond holders. Those evil new bond purchasers would mislabel that a default and, in spite, not purchase more Illinois bonds. Please brother, won’t you spare Illinois all your dimes. .Change that to dollars.

    Flash: China’s journalism schools will adopt US journalism policies. Here’s the first principle. All who contradict the government lie.

    The worm, Rubio, turns again.


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