Giving Conservative Bloggers A Bad Name

A so-called conservative blog called “The Free Patriot” is pushing a Photoshopped pic implying President Obama has his hand down daughter Sasha’s pants; the clear tip off was the faked pic’s being framed. Again, being one who’s been using Photoshop since 2001, I know a fake when I see one. I left a comment on the blog, along with many others, stating the pic is a fake and my comment was immediately deleted at the source.

This is the kind of shit that makes us all look bad and justifies the vilification of bloggers with “no editors or filters”.

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  1. Andre Bonds

    Bob, allowing conservative posters to come on here and hurl the N word around, call you a slave, coon, monkey, and worse just because you want to be accepted by the conservative side is a much worse offense than posting a fake picture! Get a life.

  2. Irony Curtain

    You nailed it, Bob. I have no idea what these imbeciles thought they’d be accomplishing. They ought to team up with Martin Bashir.

  3. Ilion

    If one doesn’t care about *truth* one simply isn’t a conseervative; though one may be a libertarian.

  4. n.n

    Let’s not play their game. We are only responsible for our own conduct, and to a lesser extent those within our jurisdiction (e.g. children). Beyond that, we have the option to offer constructive criticism of other people’s conduct.

  5. JD

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  6. Willie Lawson Show

    You’re so right, Bob. These assholes make it impossible for us to get anything done in the Urban community for sure.


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