Flashback Of The Day

Truck Carrying Dangerous Radioactive Material Stolen in Mexico
Flashback 2010: Feds Warn Of Terrorists Sneaking Into U.S. Through Mexico
Flashback 2004: Bordering On Nukes?
Maybe the Kossacks who called Louis Gohmert a “moron” may now wish to pay attention…

2 Responses

  1. Tallyman

    Their spying and terrorist protection is directed against their domestic “enemies.” They failed to stop the Boston bombing, even though the Russians told them about the suspects. They probably would be delighted with a radioactive incident coming in from Mexico, so they could double down on domestic spying. To justify their jobs, they need some new terror. “What happens if social workers end poverty?” Peter Principle

  2. soanonymous

    If something happens, they’ll just blame the conservatives.


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