Van Jones Calls Mel Watt ‘True Champion For Consumers’

Mel Watt and Barack Obama
Mel Watt confirmed as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulator
Let’s be clear, the only qualification Congressman Watt initially sought by this administration was the color of his skin.

In a Rebuild the Dream email, Van Jones boasted,

More than a hundred and twenty thousand of you signed a “Fire DeMarco” petition. You wrote letters and made phone calls. You shared information with your friends and neighbors. Our friends at MoveOn, New Bottom Line, and the Home Defenders League led the charge. President Obama nominated a replacement even when it looked dead on arrival in the Senate.

Better yet, DeMarco’s replacement Mel Watt is a true champion for consumers.

Check out Mel Watt’s voting record and judge for yourself if he really is this “true champion for consumers” or just another Capitol Hill lifer placed in a position where he’ll be paid well for his OJT.

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  1. Tallyman

    Black skin and mindless obeying were Watts qualifications. Mel will look the other way when any paid-to-play crony needs a pass or protection. Mel, also likely, bowed even lower in private with Barack.


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