Stossel Politely Rips Celebrity Hypocrisy

Celebrities go out of their way to show us all how intelligent, thus relevant they are. The truth doesn’t always match their actions.

It’s bad enough that celebrities trash the only economic system that makes poor people’s lives better. What’s worse is that many are hypocrites. Celebrities who support big-government politicians routinely take advantage of tax breaks, which reduce the amount they contribute to that government.

Remember this the next time some A and/or B-lister goes off on how greedy America’s capitalist system is or how much our materialistic greed is killing the planet. A little digging will reveal much….

4 Responses

  1. Igor

    Hey, Hollyweird has been synonymous with hypocrisy for many, many decades now. Right up (down??) there with politicians, don’cha know.

  2. soanonymous

    I think some of them forget what it was like before they had money. It’s a strange and sad transformation.

  3. Tallyman

    They were indoctrinated in their youth with Progressive religious dogma. They seek atonement for their wealth by denying wealth to others. Their penance is to worship and adore Progressive politicians and praise all who would redistribute others’ wealth, while they keep their wealth. They want to feel good, so they obey the dogma and apply it to others. These pigs are more equal than the common pig.

  4. Richard White

    I have no problem with people taking advantage of so-called ‘tax breaks’. Don’t we all? Before talking about any fiscal issue, we need to ask — and answer — one question, which, I believe, not one person in ten thousand can do.

    State in a simple declarative sentence the most fundamental principle of taxation in a free republic. I would include ‘of sovereign citizens’, but that puts some people’s knickers in a twist.


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