The B&R Wednesday Skim

Obamas to moms: Please help with ObamaCare
First lady to go on radio blitz for ObamaCare
Obviously the Obamas have never dealt with a nation full of stubborn children and telling their moms on them is not a good move

Winning tickets in $636million Mega Millions jackpot sold in California and Georgia
Okay, you can get back to your lives
Obamacare Countdown: One Week to First Major Enrollment Deadline
And that will get rolled back unilaterally by the White House
Army to cut up to 4,000 captains and majors
No surprise here. Progressives “loathe” the military until they need an umbrella
Koch Brothers’ Donation to Catholic University Stirs Protests
Wow, I must have missed all the sermons about “economic justice” and “environmental stewardship” during my Catholic days
John Kerry Working with the U.N. to Stop Execution of Illegal Alien Cop Killer in Texas
The Obama administration taking the wrong side again
Gay Couple Plans to Get Married Atop Float During Rose Parade in Pasadena
We demand respect while we intentionally cause an in-your-face scene
DWP union chief refuses to turn over financial records to auditor
I wonder why?
Senate Vote Soon on Bad DHS Nominee
Alejandro Mayorkas is one creepy lookin’ dude
NY Judge Orders First Permanent Block Against HHS Mandate
If you must have “free” birth control, don’t work for a church. Simple
Atheist Symbol Seeks To Overshadow Nativity Scenes
What happens if “A” offends one person? Watch how much they’d bitch if they were told to take it down…
Rep. Phil Gingrey to Sebelius: Prove You Met with President About Obamacare
Do they really like getting blown off?
April Todd-MalmlovEmbattled MNsure chief abruptly resigns
They’re dropping like flies
Obama ‘hijacks’ tech executive meeting to make ‘PR pitch’ on Obamacare website fix instead of dealing with NSA surveillance
C’mon, did they really think it was going to be about anything other than him?

Ted Cruz launches dramatic new Tea Party video for 2014
I wonder who will be the person to come up with the new “epic” video concept? While I’m there with the message, these videos are a little thick

These Gay Icon Nesting Dolls Are Going To Russia To Support LGBT Rights
Obama mocks Putin, picks gay athletes for Sochi delegation
I can hardly wait for the outrage when Obama is mocked. You know he can’t take it
Health care navigators sign up just 10 in Allegheny County
Democrats bit off more than they can chew and the people aren’t swallowing
Obama’s legacy: The end of the great American Dream
As well as show just how vengeful a liberal black will be
Tourist distracted by Facebook falls off pier
Some people are mesmerized

This is the ad every Democrat should be scared of in 2014
See, less epic. Scares Democrats

Utah Democrat Rep. Matheson won’t seek 8th term
One down…
Goodbye free speech: Oregon bans criticism of Obamacare exchange
Pretty Nazi-like
Expert Warns: ‘Illegal Building’ is Coordinated Takeover
The infestation continues
ObamaCare fibs make Obama the year’s biggest liar
The problem is how many would rather side with the liar
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Why sending your son to a liberal campus could be considered child abuse
Union official: Smoking, obesity, other health issues could mean paying more under ObamaCare
When liberals discriminate, it’s for your own good
Soros claims broken leg, wants delay in court tiff with ex
He spends so much to fight the right yet can’t stand up to a woman
Look Who Made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
All deserving
For first time in 35 years, N.J. legislative ethics panel fines state lawmaker
You know this can’t be the first time in 35 years an assemblyman screwed up

5 Responses

  1. Tallyman

    The Cruz video appeals to emotion. He uses the word believe, when the word know is more powerful. Most people don’t believe in politicians. You need facts in declarative sentences. You’re fighting the absurd. We can’t spend more than we create, without consequence. The prodigal son or daughter ends badly, if there’s no father to return to. “Until you run out of other people’s money.”

    MSNBC’s gay President mocks Putin. Is the final doll inside that Elton Babushka a Barack doll?

    Does your mom love Barack more than she loves you?

    What a joke. Barack doesn’t know a byte from a binary and he wants to instruct in high tech.

  2. n.n

    Homosexual couplet… Clearly people are unconcerned with evolutionary fitness. The next float should feature a Planned Parenthood counselor adjacent to a scene depicting a clinical abortion. They should all come out of the “closet”. Celebrate progressive dysfunction.

    Homosexual icons, really? People have confused the criteria for normalization and tolerance. Abortion, homosexual behavior,… Liberalism seems to consist of little more than selective empathy and libertine behavior, respectively . Celebrate progressive dysfunction.

    Atheism is not a religion, it is a cult. It consists of a single principle: denial of theism, which is an immature perspective and judgment of faith. The philosophy has no moral underpinning, and offers no guidance beyond its single reactive doctrine. It is a simple philosophical construct, which contributes little to human knowledge, and offers even less for human development.

  3. Richard White

    I like the Ted Cruz video. The Dims have a lot of creative people on their team who make really slick, visually compelling stuff and the GOP is about as appealing as Ed Sullivan. Bill Whittle has a good take on it here:


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