Touré: Psychotic-Denial Of The Day

One of the very few people on cable it really hurts to watch.

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  1. soanonymous

    Stereotypes exist for a reason. With that said, if you don’t fit the stereotype, don’t worry because your actions speak louder than your words.

  2. Sennacherib

    Well regardless, Merry Christmas Bob to you and yours!

  3. Igor

    Once again, not having a brain is no impediment to working at PMSNBC.

  4. UsedtobeaDemocrat

    Watching Toure is so painful, I won’t. He has nothing to say that is worth suffering through listening to him say it.

  5. aelfheld

    You’d think MSNBC would get him a speech therapist to help with that lisp. Unfortunately the psychosis is a condition of employment.

  6. IT Nerd

    I think that was his demo tape submitted with application to replace has-beens such as Rev Al or Rev Jesse


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