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The Republican National Committee’s Stupid Kwanzaa Statement
The RNC can’t even suck up effectively. As far as the 2014 Midterms are concerned, we’re best on our own….

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  1. Igor

    Don’t those RNC idiots realize that if you ignore this tripe that eventually it will die a natural death?
    Sigh. More drivel from The Party of Stoopid..

  2. n.n

    So, DNC is not a choice. While RNC is a fading alternative. This may come down to non-partisan, individual candidates. Not necessarily “independent”, but with the right policies. Any DNC candidate can only be considered eligible if they first refute state-sponsored execution (i.e. elective abortion) of Baracks, Jesses, Michelles, etc. without cause or due process; otherwise, their protests against capital punishment and support of civil and human rights ring hollow.

  3. Tallyman

    Would the good staff at the RNC please send me a check for $35, so I can buy a good champagne to celebrate Kwanzaa one evening?

  4. Richard White

    To call this stupid is an insult to people who are genuinely stupid by nature.

      • Richard White

        Well, if someone is simply born with a low IQ, they can’t help doing and saying things that the rest of us will regard as lacking . . . uhm, intelligence. But the leadership of the GOP has at least average intelligence, one would think, and so this kind of mistake is inexcusable. Those with a low IQ have an excuse.

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