‘Hundreds Of Teens’ Flash Mob Again

12/27/13 — Hundreds of Teens Trash Mall in Wild Flash Mob
12/25/13 — 600 People Involved in Movie Theater Brawl, 5 Arrested
Anything about this present generation salvageable or is this trend likely to get a whole lot worse until out-of-control “bored” black kids are addressed?

  • The tactic for security might be to LOCK THEM IN the mall and bring a whole bunch of paddy wagons. I’ve seen this done to downtown Daytona Beach at spring break. Everyone in the cordon goes to jail. I was told by a guy from KC that the cops do this in the entertainment district every night at closing time, If you are on the street you get swept up.

  • cmjcexsquid

    The mob strategy for stealing has been used for over 20 years. Today’s version just has bigger mobs which are more effective.

    I witnessed a mob of about 18 late teens (about 6 male and 12 females) exit a department store into the general mall area. Suddenly, 3 plainclothes men swooped in and apprehended one of the females. The rest of the females immediately started screaming and wailing “Don’t arrest her”. It was obvious that the entire mob knew which of their lot was holding the stolen merchandise. None of them was arrested as co-conspirators.

    My wife, a part-time employee of the dept store, later told me that they would spend many hours after such an incident inspecting the clothing in her department for razor cuts made to ruin the garments as retribution to the store’s policy to enforce their rights of pressing charges.

  • Tallyman

    There are no consequences. Only temporary euphoria. There is no brighter future ahead. US Attorney General says they’re his people and excused. The new mayor, DeBlasio, promises more of the same tolerance. Bloomberg is probably in Bermuda and doesn’t want to tarnish himself.
    The issue is cultural and demographic. The Great Society has for three generations removed fathers from the Black family. The argument at the time was that mothers would so love the children that all the children would succeed. What is the welfare role model for Black males to copy? What is the role model for Black females to copy? Idle boredom is replaced with excitement. A matriarchy has totally failed.

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