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Obamacare’s ‘Pajama Boy’ was accused of racism, anti-Semitism
This administration will spend all day digging into the background of political opponents but will let any ol’ person within their own inner circle….

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  1. GoodMojo1

    Congratulations, “Pajama Boy”! Racism and anti-semitism make for good leftism!

  2. Tallyman

    He’s a loonie from Madison. I was there once and my hosts took me to their magnificent Wisconsin ski area, where there were expert slopes just like in my mountains. It was in a kettle hole with the “lodge” at the top. You skied down into the hole. It had a very impressive vertical drop of one to two hundred feet. Then there were all the impressive three kinds of the same Wisconsin cheese at the gourmet cheese shop. I felt like I was an outside observer spending a short time in a looney bin asylum. Note the strange looney smile on his face.

    • n.n

      There must be a reason why Madison is a repeating focal point. I would have attributed the source to some place more obvious.


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