The B&R Friday Skim

Boehner Decries Shutdown, Says Unwilling to Quit Golf, Cigarettes to Run for Prez in Leno Appearance
The speaker says the Tea Party are good people (and dupes, but by whom?)

Wendy Davis Backers Caught on Tape Making Fun of Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed
Greg Abbott Reacts to Video Showing Battleground Texas Activists Mocking His Disability (Update: Davis Reacts)
The tolerant, compassionate left exposed (again)

Climate change threatens Winter Olympics
Like this has been the first time…. On one hand they’re bitching about the cold and on the other…
Too old to be given cancer treatment: NHS is ‘writing off’ patients who are over 75
Remember, the left calls the British health care system a model
Lac-Megantic firefighter who found ex’s body committed suicide
Very sad
Snowden Wants to Come Home
Nothing new. It’s always been about what he wanted
Republicans seek own policy cure to replace Obamacare
Here we go… RepubliCare?
GOP taps its top woman, mom of three, for Obama rebuttal
Contrary to lib opinion, we have no problem with that
Eric Holder: US still a nation of cowards on race
And he’s a power-trippin’ race bully
Shock Study: Some Soft Drinks Contain Cancer-Causing Chemical
Again, I wonder how most of us have survived this long?
Hollywood’s Muslim Lies
Makes one wonder if they’re afraid of being fatwa’d
Labor Commissioner Doesn’t Believe 36,000 Job Loss in NJ
Spinning and/or out-of-touch
The most corrupt state(s) in America
An astounding number of indicted public officials (and not broken down by party…)
Sochi 2014: IOC jeopardized safety of athletes and fans in awarding Games to Putin’s Russia
A little late for this now
Federal Probe into New Jersey Sen. Menendez Is Widening
I wonder why this isn’t making nation news?
10 Reasons Why Camille Paglia is the Champion of the Feminist Right
I admire Camille because she won’t accept double standards
He plans to run for Congress — in 4 states
He’ll be busy
U.S. Cattle Herd Is At A 61 Year Low And Organic Food Shortages Are Being Reported All Over America
Uh oh. The left is depleting our resources
‘2016: Obama’s America’ Filmmaker Indicted for Violating Campaign Finance Laws
When an administration ignores laws it doesn’t like, it makes you question why it enforces others
Kerry: Military Option Still On if Iran Doesn’t Keep Agreement
Rouhani: Israel Will be Sorry if It Attacks Iran
Boot-quakin’ time
Gov. Christie, Camden superintendent tout new after school dinner program
There are some pretty negligent parents in Jersey who can’t provide one meal to their kids at home
House Conservatives Plot Takedown of GOP Leaders’ Amnesty Plans
Someone needs to bring a dose of reality to the situation
Elton John rubbishes Vladimir Putin’s claims he has ‘gay friends’
I’d question how many real friends Putin has as well
Super-Bowl-2014-XLVIIISuper Bowl XLVIII: Date subject to change
If the brainiacs at the NFL wanted to have ideal weather conditions, why did they put the Super Bowl in New York in February?
Head of Seattle Catholic school resigns after dismissal of gay vice-principal
Now why would a gay person want to work for a religious organization…?
Supreme Court Will Review Ohio Law Criminalizing ‘Lies’ About Politicians
How about a counter suit criminalizing lies politicians tell us (multiple times)?
Woman Killed Healthy Dog Because She Didn’t Want Anyone Else To Own Him
Hope this woman is single
Obama’s Ambassador to Norway Fumbles Basic Questions About Norway
His donations to Obama didn’t buy him brains
Arizona’s ‘Sheriff Joe’ mulling possible bid for governor, raising millions
This will drive libs nuts
CNN Slams Pro-Lifers: ‘They Want Women to Have No Control Over Their Own Bodies’
MSNBC Guest: People Oppose Abortion Because “Their Sex Lives Are So Miserable”
NARAL President: Having an Abortion is ‘What Religious Liberty’ is About
ASU revokes fraternity chapter after racist party
What are they teaching kids at these liberal academic enclaves?
Teen who stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini gets life in prison
He had a past

4 Responses

  1. Igor

    GOP taps its top woman, mom of three, for Obama rebuttal

    Contrary to lib opinion, we have no problem with that

    The ONLY reason I voted for Kathy is because the Dem opponent was worse, MUCH worse.

    She’s “squishy”, an almost-RINO. I want her gone.

  2. cmjcexsquid

    Camille Paglia’s interview in the 12-28-13 WSJ was great as she addressed all the liberal myths that they ignore. The Skim link has most of the same points.

    Beef continues to be high priced because of high corn and other feed prices that have forced ranchers to reduce their herd sizes. Even though feed prices have fallen it will take a few years for ranchers to rebuild their herds if they want to take the risk.

    As far as the “Organic” market, they have the same problem plus the added cost pressure of finding certified feed. Of course, there are lots of cases of fraud in that market. How do you guarantee a GMO-free grain? If you plant a GMO-free grain seed, how do you prevent the wind and bees, etc from pollinating the blooms? Fools and their money are soon parted.

  3. Tallyman

    Americans are cowards on race. They’re too cowardly afraid to impeach Holder and Barack on account of their race.

    Just keep the kids at school all day and night so they can be trained for a dog’s life of perpetually licking the government hand. Did Christie get to check another box in his Marxist catechism?

    Barack sends another stupid as ambassador to Norway.

    New York is run by the dauphin prince of corruption, Cuomo, who expects to be king.

    Never trust a feminist.


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