The B&R Wednesday Skim

Republicans Recall Lois Lerner to Testify on targeting IRS
She’s baaack…
The Democrats Are Apparently Terrified of Scott Walker
Bullies don’t like those who stand up to them
Hawaii health marketplace off to an especially rough start
Why would they be different?
Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific evidence of man-made global warming
A scientists progressives conveniently ignore
Calif. couple strike $10 million gold-coin bonanza
Some people have all the luck
The age of Hillary: Is it fair to question whether she’s too old to run?
If it was fair to bring up for Reagan and McCain, it’s fair to note Democrats get old, too
Offshore wind farms can tame hurricanes, study finds
Obama appointee subsidizes electric bus company, then goes to work for it
What else could these people do? They don’t create anything but have learned how to get rich off of others
Obama tells supporters they are doing “God’s work”
Get ready for videos and ads where God wants you to #GetCovered
Fukushima radiation could reach Pacific coast by April
How long have we heard the projected arrival times?
Casey Anthony insists Zanny the Nanny IS real and threatens to storm out of new deposition as she fights defamation suit
The truth always comes out
Health law cybersecurity challenges
Third of California Town’s Officers Tied to Scheme
Cops outta control
The Clinton library’s secret files
Obama’s college transcripts, Clinton secret files… they sure have a lot to hide
Police: Man punches people in face, runs to getaway car
Suspect in hammer attack outside West Philadelphia deli identified
Had this been the other way around, the usual suspects would be screaming “hate crime”
Obama urges Organizing for Action to push for $10.10 minimum wage
Not finished transforming (destroying) America
California college student teaches school $50,000 lesson on Constitution
You know how many places this could be replicated as liberals despise the Constitution
‘Hannity’ Guest Confronts Lawmaker Who Called Clarence Thomas a ‘Very Prolific Uncle Tom’
Toobin Calls Clarence Thomas ‘Disgraceful,’ CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Hails ‘Excellent Article’
Thomas is not their kind of black man
Biden: ‘I May Be a White Boy, But I Can Jump’
While innocent, yet another statement a Republican would be crucified for saying
Americans’ approval of gays hikes by 21 percentage points
Try polling people after viewing a pride parade
Solutions to Black Education
Until being educated isn’t “acting white”, it will be hard to get students to want to learn. The teachers are another issue
Missouri Executes Man in ’89 Rape, Killing of Teen
Again we concerned about the “inhuman pain and suffering” of a man who cause “inhuman pain and suffering” of the teen girl he raped and murdered
Fired Richland Elections Director: Board members’ meddling ‘unlawful’
How prevalent is this?
My turn: Just say no to ACOs
Sebelius lashes out at GOP governors
“Playing with people’s lives”… hypocrite
Navy relieves commander of grounded ship
If you think about it, there’s really no excuse for a ship on water to lose track of where land is
Hagan makes re-election bid official, dodges health care
Dems know shit’s going to get a lot worse
US planning full Afghan pullout, Obama tells Karzai
Great, now those remaining can get shot in the back (see: Vietnam)
Why Trolls Start Flame Wars: Swearing and Name-Calling Shut Down the Ability to Think and Focus
As we enter another election cycle and we’ll receive new “visitors”, I may develop a hair-trigger on the block function
Nitwit 911 call: ‘My waffles aren’t cooked’
Shark Tank Investor: Obama Should Ask Small Business Owners If They Agree With His Statements
Since when has Obama asked the advice of someone with practical knowledge?
Bozell Denounces CPAC: ‘No Conservative Should Have Anything to Do With This’
Sorry, we should engage those with whom we disagree
Michelle Obama Lays Down A Healthy Foods Rap

9 Responses

  1. 1autumn

    Wow! What a diatribe. And I see some among the comments too.

  2. Dr. Mauser

    “Obama tells supporters they are doing “God’s work””

    Yeah, clearly an angry and vengeful God’s work.

    (Or, he’s just referring to himself….)

  3. n.n

    Executes Man… Send him to Planned Parenthood. They have “humane” methods for poisoning and dismembering human bodies.

    Some people have all the luck… We each have our share, unequal though it may be.

    tame hurricanes… They serve a real purpose. We need to coexist with them.

    radiation could reach Pacific coast… Once a wave, will arrive as a trickle.

    screaming “hate crime”… No, this is “reparations” aka redistributive and retributive change. Some people consider 600,000 lost souls to be only a down payment.

    Obama urges … $10.10 minimum wage… He is desperate to capture private capital in order to sustain the “recovery”.

    Americans’ approval of [homosexual behavior] hikes… Dodo Dynasty

  4. koala

    Americans’ approval of gays hikes by 21 percentage points

    When is someone going to point out that there is a big difference between accepting there are gay people in the world [that many of us love and/or have friendships with] and condoning gay marriage? Homosexual marriage is the same as giving a four year old a cigarette lighter to play with. Denying something to another does not equal hatred. Many are still convinced that homosexuality is not a normal human function. It is a state of confusion. The trademark of evil. ” Puzzling you is the nature of my game” [Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil]. And no I am not saying gays are evil but I am saying the influence is.

    • n.n

      They are not homosexual. They are human with an affinity for homosexual behavior. It is their choice to act on that impulse.

      The problem is not that affinity per se. The problem is that homosexual behavior is dysfunctional in that it is antithetical to evolutionary fitness. While it is not in the same class of dysfunctional behaviors including murder/abortion, rape, etc., so there is no cause to reject it when exhibited by a minority of the population; it has no redeeming value to society or humanity, and therefore there is no legitimate cause to normalize it.

      That said, the proponents of homosexual behavior have created a moral hazard. In their race to normalize a dysfunctional behavior, they are now guilty of arbitrary discrimination against other dysfunctional or merely tolerated behaviors. It must be all or nothing. They cannot selectively normalize behaviors to suit their whims.

  5. Tallyman

    Barack, the messiah, instructs the sheeple that doing Barack’s bidding is god’s work.

    When will Congress relieve our Commander-in-Chief for taking our Ship of State aground on the rocks of debt, corruption and malfeasance?

    Did they succeed in training Moochelle to rap?

    Did Biden learn to jump when his sister repeatedly beat him?

    If wind farms remove so much energy from the air, that means wind turbines are legally responsible for all mal-weather downwind. Where are the slip and fall lawyers, when you need them?

    There appear to be warmer morons roosting at Sanford. Do these morons know wind turbines are stopped at higher wind speeds due to inability of their support structures, the destructive centrifugal forces on the turbine blades, and the lack of sinks to absorb all the electrical energy generated? Do these morons consider the cost of a wind turbine that can generate high energy ouputs during a hurricane? Do these warmer morons know there are brakes on wind turbines? And, that if those brakes fail or are overloaded, disaster happens?


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