The B&R Thursday Skim

Planned Parenthood Produces Video Promoting Bondage and Sadomasochism to Teens
Among other things

EPA Officials Obstructed Fraud Investigation
And no one’s going to jail over this
Syria jihadists lay down rules for Christians
Kinda like liberals
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes Controversial Anti-Gay Bill, SB 1062
SB 1062 Press Conference Remarks by Gov. Jan Brewer
ASU law prof: SB1062 ‘means almost nothing’
Brewer possibly another politician who didn’t read (or understand) a bill
dog smilingVets Seeing More Dogs Eating Edible Marijuana
Providing stoners cheap entertainment
Demonization of ObamaCare Opponents Intensify
Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare ‘Horror Stories’; ‘All Are Untrue’
Harry Reid tempers Koch criticism
Flashback 2012: Four Pinocchios for Harry Reid’s claim about Mitt Romney’s taxes
Wretched old man
Actor Steven Seagal Calls For Obama’s Impeachment
That just about seals it
NC man reaching for cane shot in SC traffic stop
You mean to tell me police can’t tell the difference between a rifle and a fucking cane?
Could newly discovered gold coins be the haul stolen by … San Francisco Mint employee in 1901?
You know the government would try and find a reason to claim it
Tesla reveals $5 billion Gigafactory, the world’s largest battery plant
It could also be the biggest factory fire ever!
Boston Marathon bans bags, bandit runners, military marchers
Muslim terrorists continue to alter our way of life
Man who beheaded bus passenger should have more freedom: psychiatrist
What harm can he do?
Colo. Marijuana Businesses Embrace New Drug at Center of DEA Crackdown in Calif
Anyone wanna guess what the unemployment numbers there will be by the end of the year?
Consumers Hit With Surprise Tax in Obamacare Premium
Continued thanks to those who voted for the president in 2008 and 2012
Mass. GOP approves conservative-leaning platform
Took long enough
Chilean Anarchists Teach Anti-Capitalist Tactics To American Students
When real skills aren’t enough
U.S. eyes push against anti-gay laws worldwide
Like most liberals, Kerry comparing gays to real oppression
Sen. Manchin demands complete US ban on Bitcoin
Another denial of choice, bad or not…
Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates
A lengthy way of saying they’re having trouble finding them
Ronan Farrow’s New MSNBC Program Off To Weak Start
Ronan Farrow, Cronkite award recipient, won’t take off-topic questions
The left has that nepotism, rewarding-mediocrity thing down
Preparing for war: Putin puts 150,000 troops on standby
A real red line
Insight: How Obama alums aim to turn Texas toward the Democrats
Few tactics will be legal
IRS Offers Affordable Care Act Tips
The enforcement wing speaks
Convicted Terrorist Worked as Obamacare Navigator in Illinois
Girl Scouts Hire Lesbian as Chief Girl Experience Officer
Why not
After a Democrat Praises Cuba, Marco Rubio Blasts Communism Like No U.S. Politician Since Reagan
Harkin got dressed down
‘The Imperial Presidency’
I’ve said many times over the years that we don’t elect a king. I was wrong
Police Probe Threatening ‘1 Percent’ Graffiti Left On Atherton Homes
These punks are going to have to be dealt with sooner or later

4 Responses

  1. cmjcexsquid

    Over 40 years ago the term “radical chic” was coined by Tom Wolfe. Many of today’s liberals that have achieved (or inherited) great wealth believe that if they endorse and support leftist causes they will gain “protection” from the miscreants that lead many of the chic movements. They are wrong. The wiser wealthy live in protected dwellings complete with armed and sworn police protection. Sell Atherton. Buy Indian Creek.

    • Tallyman

      It works at the highest government levels. Note S&P is being prosecuted for fraud in mortgage backed securities, but Moodys, which Warren Buffet controlled then is not prosecuted. Buffet, Gates and their ilk know who’s bread to butter. Nothing lasts forever, including protection.

  2. Tallyman

    The free market will better evaluate Bitcoin, not a WV Senator. Democrats are scared of Bitcoin, but not freshly printed US dollars?

    If Harkin needs medical treatment, he must be sent to Cuba to be treated by the same doctors as failed with Chavez and Fidel.

    Google employs hacks who’ll never think, only obey, whether evil or not.

    Eric Holder expands his TBTP (too big to prosecute) to TGTP (too government to prosecute). Boehner, in car 54, where are you?

    A vile little vermin, aka Harry Reid, squeaked on the Senate floor to maliciously slander people, while he’s protected from civil prosecution for malicious false slander

    The government loves you. The police love you. Their tough love is for your training.

    King Barack decrees his infallibility.

  3. Richard White

    “Could newly discovered gold coins be the haul stolen by … San Francisco Mint employee in 1901?”

    Damn fools for going public in the first place. What were they thinkin’?


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