Harry Reid: Liar Or Senile?

Maybe they’re all senile liars?

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  1. CrushAllDems

    This “man” is a dirty, disgusting, and vile criminal sub-human being. That’s why he’s perfectly at home with Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Durbin, Boxer, Wasserman-Schultz, et al…

  2. OMMAG

    As you suggest … Both. But let’s see someone take him on and effectively destroy the support he gets.

  3. Tallyman

    Harry Reid is vermin. He uses the speech and debate clause in the Constitution to protect him from malicious slander lawsuits, if he spoke outside the Senate. He knows his fellow Senate vermin will not call him out in the Senate, nor outside, and that the MSM will protect him as he attacks the enemies of the Democrat party. Senility is not an excuse for his pernicious verminity.

  4. GoodMojo1

    They may not all be, but “Dingy Harry” surely is one, the other, or both.


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