1889: What the White House Easter Egg Roll Looked Like
It was a simpler time…

Who Is Thomas Piketty And Why Has The Obama White House Rolled Out The Red Carpet For Him?
The Nation: Thomas Piketty Undermines the Hallowed Tenets of the Capitalist Catechism
You should listen to this man. The people who control our future are…
Some Covered California Patients Say They Can’t See A Doctor
Expert Commentary: The Unfolding Fiscal Disaster Behind ACA Enrollment Figures
Lies seldom add up
We must confront the challenge of Islamism
This after years of demonizing those who spoke up on the incompatibility
Caught! USPS worker who was in ‘unspeakable pain’ claimed $300k in disability checks for five years while spending his time fishing in Alaska
No surprise or shock anymore
Study: CBS, ABC, NBC have a ‘War on Easter’
Wouldn’t know; we don’t watch them
California Unemployment Holds Steady at Dismal 8.1%
Again, look who’s been in charge
Early-Release Felon Charged with Kidnapping, Rape, Torture
We were told this kind of shit would NEVER happen. This program would not have been implemented had some of these victims been relatives of the California Assembly
Dem Senator Nearly Hit by Train During Press Conference About Commuter Safety
It wasn’t as close as the headline reads
Dems want government health care for all — no matter the cost
Democrats actions nowhere close to the talk when it come to our debt
GM to invest $12 billion in China and plans more plants
Hmm… I wonder why they aren’t investing in American workers?
Bundy Ranch Showdown Proves Militias Can Stop Government Excesses
Harry Reid Doubles Down on Bundy Ranch: ‘If They’re Patriots, We’re in Big Trouble’
I wonder how long it will take before Democrats tell ol’ Harry to STFU?
Conservative Civil War: Tea Party Throws Retirement Party for John Boehner
We asked the Speaker for an audience so we could get his side and he blew us off
Two More Victims Of The Retail Apocalypse: Family Dollar And Coldwater Creek
Closings and layoffs: two constants during this administration’s terms
Small donor base behind Graham-supporting super PAC
The numbers are deceiving
California City Agrees to End Prayers at Public Meetings
And some were probably high-fiving

Amazing drone footage of a Space X reusable rocket’s first test flight
Gotta get me one of those! (The drone, that is)

China on course to become ‘world’s most Christian nation’ within 15 years
We’ll soon see more of what the Commies and Muslims think about that
Leland Yee case: Disgraced California state senator’s legislative efforts fueled cash for campaigns
A continuing story we all know the media really doesn’t like covering
Creeping landslide devouring part of Wyoming town
This hasn’t been blamed on global warming… yet
First the Green Gestapo Came For our Lightbulbs, Then our Iced Drinks and Hot Showers. Now They’re After Our Meatballs…
They may gone too far here
The Next Shoe Just Dropped: Court Denies Attorney-Client Privilege
Not surprised given the progressive onslaught
Conservatives Deride Effort to Rig Electoral College
The Founders knew what they were doing. We’ve got to oppose this “change” forcefully
New Hampshire moves to scrap adultery law
What’s a little screwing around?
Mark Fisher’s lawsuit against the MassGOP wins expedited trial status
It’s about time someone started to dismantle the ivory tower
Chelsea’s Liberal Media Fans Act Like She’s a Forever Unmockable Child
If she weren’t a “Clinton”, no one would give a shit about her
Johnny Depp Bombs in “Transcendence” with Shocking $4.8Mil Friday: Career Imperiled after “Lone Ranger”
I wonder how many Hollywood execs are rethinking the addition of ObamaCare into their plotlines
Inquiry checks Davis’ work for toll group
Wendy just can’t catch a break
“What if Bundy Ranch Were Owned by a Bunch of Black People?”
Interesting hypothetical…
In U.S., Most Do Not See Global Warming as Serious Threat
So according to progressives, should “most” of us be killed?
Illegal Immigration: Will Illinois’ GOP leadership abandon the party’s platform?
Leadership know-it-alls got us into the mess we’re in today

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