After GOP’s Bashing, The Tea Party May Stay Home In November

If you listened to some in the GOP establishment, you’d think the Tea Party was as much the enemy as are Democrats.

Strategists on both sides say several Republican senators are not merely trying to clobber the individuals challenging them from the right in GOP primaries. They also want to undermine, if not cripple, the tea party-affiliated companies helping fund and shape the challengers’ campaigns.
Associated Press, 2/25/14

BoehnerBut Speaker Boehner also attempted to offer an olive branch because he knows what will happen if the Tea Party holds a grudge and stays home, thus a suck-up was in order.

“I think the tea party has brought great energy to our political process,” he said in response to a question about Tuesday’s primaries, adding that he expects many Republican candidates will continue to adopt the tea party mantle in the future. But he disputed suggestions of a rift between traditional Republicans and upstart tea party-backed candidates.

GOP challengers in Democratic-held seats, including in some red states, are in tossup races. They need a united party behind them.

That means establishment Republicans must court the tea party. “You have to reach out very aggressively and indicate that as the nominee of the party you will be the voice of all the various parts of the party,” Whit Ayres, a GOP pollster, said.

The Tea Party is not made up of a room full of dummies. They are not suckers. They are informed and have heard it all before.

If the GOP establishment isn’t careful 2014 could be another 2008.

Justin Barasky, a spokesman for the Democrats’ main Senate campaign arm, said GOP leaders may be celebrating prematurely.

“In order to avoid losing to the tea party, Washington Republicans have embraced their candidates and policies,” said Mr. Barasky. “It’s a good strategy in the primaries, but one that forecasts defeat for Republicans in the general election this fall.”

The Republicans were handed a surefire campaign issue with ObamaCare, have succumbed to the establishment quagmire, and are now responding to the Democrats and the media with the consideration of health care quick fixes and comprehensive immigration reform, AFTER insulting the very people who put (or kept) them in power in the first place.

McConnell vowed early this year to beat back tea party-backed candidates and their supporters wherever they surfaced.

“I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” he said in March.

Lackluster, wobbly candidates are not the kind of people conservative voters will stand in the freezing rain to cast votes for. Just ask John McCain how that worked out for him. Pushing “moderate” candidates in Tea Party faces will not capitalize on the “enthusiasm” advantage Republicans are currently said to have over Democrats.

Listening to MSNBC praising the “moderate” establishment Republican primary victories over the Tea Party is a teachable moment.

The Tea Party may not think a moderate, potential backstabbing Republican is worth going to the polls over. Personally, I can find better things to do and that doesn’t include going out of my way for people who will kiss our asses up until November 4th and drop us like a lead balloon midnight November 5th.

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  1. GoodMojo1

    The difference between Republican control of government, versus Democrat control of government, has become the same as the difference between “Uncle Sam” choosing to slit his wrists, or choosing to eat a bullet.

  2. Tallyman

    McCain lost because he embraced TARP with Bush, while Obama shy-ed away from TARP. Romney lost, when the 5 million conservatives that voted for McCain stayed home. If you vote for the Republican compromisers, you’ll discover that they don’t repeal Obamacare, that they support amnesty. The massive Republican victory in 2010, brought Boehner as speaker with no repeal of Obamacare, no opposition to Barack’s spending, and no fiscal sanity.

    What any angry tea party candidate should do is vote for Boehner or McConnell’s Democrat opposition to punish their contempt of you and show the Republicans that in 2016, they’ll lose with a compromiser. This also sends a message for the big donors who contribute to establishment Republican compromisers. You end abuse, when you stop supporting your abuser. You can split your vote.

    • Sagettaurus

      Than “4-5 million conservatives stayed home” theory was developed by the establishment republicans to blame tea partiers for Romney’s defeat in 2012. In reality, Romney got a million votes more than McCain and got more votes than Bush did in 2004 in a lot of swing states (see The problem is that we don’t have enough republicans/conservatives that exist in the country right now to win more elections. We conservatives need to become missionaries and convert the masses to our principles or we will lose continually. The liberals have converted millions of young people to their cause through the public education system replacing a lot of the republican voters that existed in earlier elections.

      • Tallyman

        We conservatives need to become missionaries and convert the masses to our principles or we will lose continually.

        What conservative principles did Romney espouse?. In the second debate, he agreed with Obama. Romney lost because he wouldn’t admit the error of Romneycare and wasn’t trusted to be much different from either Barack or Bush. A compromiser’s only principle is to go half way with the other side’s principles. Half of Obamacare is still a rotten serving. Half of excess spending is still excess spending. Half of Barack’s foreign policy is still half stupidity. What was Romney going to do about the Federal Reserve spending a trillion dollars a year on 0.1% rich bankers? I voted for Romney because he was the lesser evil and there was a 2% probability that he would see the light, but I expected him to fail economically just as Barack will. The end of the dollar as reserve currency is rapidly accelerating. Have you heard a word about that from Romney?

  3. jb

    “Personally, I can find better things to do and that doesn’t include going
    out of my way for people who will kiss our asses up until November 4th
    and drop us like a lead balloon midnight November 5th”
    I second that.


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