The B&R Friday Skim

Kerry: Obama Administration ‘More Engaged’ with the World ‘Than at Any Time in American History’
The administration’s action word: we must be in awe of the “engagement”
Howard Dean: Media Doesn’t Know How To Deal With Obama’s “More Sophisticated” Foreign Policy
Only a dummy would be in awe of this so-called sophistication
Veterans Are the Healthcare Canary in a Coal Mine
‘Internal VA Email’ Reveals Los Angeles VA Hospital ‘Manipulated’ Records
Typical government bottom line: they just wanted to continue to be well paid for the least amount of work
Corrine BownHouse Dem: I’ve done my own reconnaissance and can assure you the VA is rock solid in Florida
If there’s anything to hide, it’s in that wig
House Republicans dine on junk food
Eat your heart out, Michelle
Republican Party works with Muslim Brotherhood Lobbyist to Investigate Benghazi
It’s all about the cash when it comes to the Beltway leeches
Man pleads guilty to intimidating Florida Republican voters in 2012 election
There’s been no voter fraud because Democrats can’t find anyone who’s cheated for Republicans
Voters in California Contemplate Forming New State
All conservative, Northern voters are good for is their revenue and the ruling libs will never let them go without a fight
Accused shooter of 10 year-old has outburst in first court appearance
Lewis has guaranteed all future court visits will be brief (not good)
Tickets to Hillary Speech On Sale, 66% Off
Obama And Hillary Hold Secret Meeting At The White House
Hillary Clinton allies mobilize on Benghazi
Because Hillary Clinton is a coward unwilling (and able) to effectively defend herself
Kremlin adviser steps up war of words with U.S. over Ukraine
Because they know Obama ain’t gonna do shit and it’s easier than throwing a shoe
Seattle City Council Panel OKs $15 Minimum Wage
There goes Seattle
Sonoma County Man Battling Cancer Denied Coverage By Anthem Blue Cross After Paying $100K In Premiums
And everything was okay, until…
Bloomberg bashes liberal McCarthyism at Harvard commencement
He won’t be invited back
Detroit spent big to renovate 30 homes under federal program, got low sale prices
They never learn when they’re playing with tax dollars
Progressives Eat Their Own in Virginia
Sullivan’s law professor husband criticized by gay rights group
Gay advocates again displaying their predatory nature
Trey Gowdy brings ‘zeal for the truth’ as head of House’s Benghazi panel
We’ll see how much truth the Democrats will tolerate
Gay Marriage Will Destroy the GOP
Why does this have the air of a nudge of frustration?
Report: Donald Sterling declared mentally incapacitated, clears way for sale of team to Ballmer
AGAIN, all because an evil, golddigging bitch illegally recorded and distributed a prodded conversation
Transgender Advocate Appears on Time Magazine Cover: ‘This Is Who I Am’
White liberals have redefined the “civil rights movement”
House Democrats’ campaign arm reserves $44M in ads
It has to be done, but really… television campaign ads become quite annoying en masse
Google taking requests to censor results in Europe
I know a few wannabe politicians who have news stories they’d love to have go away
Obamas partied like kings on Africa vacation Lavish excursion hits taxpayers for millions on
Just wait until they’re on their last lap…
NRA finally meets its match: Why Richard Martinez should have them shaking
The left’s latest, willing patsy
Teen Honor Student Brutally Murdered Parents with Multiple Weapons
2 Dead, 7 Wounded In Thursday Shootings
Nothing that will prompt Capitol Hill: blacks are involved
Dave Herman, former radio DJ, dies while in federal custody in New Jersey
How’s the government health care in jail?

3 Responses

  1. cmjcexsquid

    Even though Bloomberg is late to the party at least he arrived. Of course, he may have to back pedal to maintain his standing in NYC society. Look for high-profile contributions to liberal causes as contrition.
    ObamaCare funded transgender surgeries should be performed in VA hospital centers of excellence.
    Did the VA teen that murdered his parent have a permit for the crowbar and knives? Why didn’t those weapons have safety locks on them?
    Wonder what the connection was between Mr. R and his 3 male stabbing victims? Can we presume none were packing any defensive weapons?

  2. soanonymous

    Re: House Republicans dine on junk food

    At least their breakfast was cheaper than the Democrats’ breakfast.

  3. Tallyman

    Are there dots to connect? Cankles was just secretly at White House. Obama just hired top criminal lawyer at White House. Benghazi? VA? Six billion missing at State Department under Cankles? Something we haven’t heard yet?

    Bloomturd only deserves dishonor.

    Is the Muslim brotherhood angry that Barack failed to back them fully in Egypt and has failed to back them in Libya? Not even his own, trust Barack, only stupid Democrats.


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